Coming Out of my Shell and Feeling Just Fine

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked if I still consider myself Pansexual even though I am in a committed relationship with a male, I would never have to worry about tuition payments again. The answer --to me at least-- is obvious.


Of course I am still Pansexual. I always will be. It is a part of who I am, a fact of my very being.


My initial coming out story is pretty unremarkable. I was sixteen years old and was sitting on the couch with my mother. I have no idea how it came up, but suddenly I was crying as I told my mom I like girls too and that I identify as Pansexual. My mom looked at me with a straight face and said with a laugh in her voice, “I already knew that and it is not an issue for me“. At the time, it was a moment of relief and embarrassment. I worked myself up into an anxiety ridden moment just for my mom to nonchalantly tell me it doesn't really matter. Looking back now though it is absolutely hilarious. My poor younger self.


I came out a couple of years later on Facebook on a National Coming Out day with the post, “I do not think anyone should ever feel obligated to come out, that being said let’s get one thing straight; I am not.” It felt freeing. Apparently though I never told my father or my brother and came out to them years later still. There are people in my life that do not know and probably will never know as I would not feel comfortable telling them. I have changed in a lot of ways and one if them is that I no longer feel the need to come out. If someone finds out that’s fine. Its not coming out anymore. Its just them learning another fact about me. My favorite color is blue, I am a proud jew, I am lactose intolerant but still love cheese, and I am Pansexual.