Cat People United

Yes, I’m a cat person - we exist.

There are cat people and then there are dog people. It probably doesn’t come as a shock that more Americans prefer dogs over cats. Only 41 percent of people said they liked cats a lot, compared to the 74 percent that liked dogs a lot, according to The poll conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media. Of those 41 percent of cat lovers out there, only 4 percent of them prefer cats only.

It is safe to say us cat people are a rare breed, and meeting one is like finding a needle in a haystack. Being a fellow cat person is actually what began the great relationship I have with my now current boyfriend Jake.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my cats. When talking to my mom about Jake and how he had recently brought home two rescued kittens, her exact response was, “Oh, so you’ve found yourself a cat man.”

(Bonus pictures of me with Jake’s new cats, Smokey and Butter)

From sending pictures of our cats to each other and the excitement of planning to meet them, I knew what is was like to be with another cat person. Even when meeting each other’s cats, I think the cats could sense what type of people we were as well.

All pet owners know that if the pet doesn’t like a person, then there's probably a reason to be weary of them. They have that extra sense to determine if a person is good or bad, and cats, in my opinion, are an excellent judge of character.

I truly knew I had met a fellow cat person when my cat, CJ, who actually hates everyone except myself, climbed onto Jake to be pet. This came as a huge shock. I thought it was a freak accident, but he does this to him every time.

The only other person that my cat lies on regularly is me. If he even chooses to lie on someone else in the house, they get excited and call themselves the “chosen one.”

Usually, CJ attacks people who just look at him wrong and there have been occasions where he has cornered people to one side of a room. He is not a friendly cat.

CJ embraces Jake as if he is me, and now because of it, when we move into an apartment together, there will not be an issue with him living with us.

To all my other cat people out there: don’t worry, we’re out there somewhere, you just need to find a needle.