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Campus Celebrity of the Week- Lena Wray


What is your full name? Lena Faye Wray
What is your major? Biology major with a concentration and love in Marine Bio
What year are you in college? Third Year
What leading roles do you have in campus? I’m the Vice-Chair of the Student Green Energy Fund Committee (SGEF) and I’m the President and Founder of the Juggling Club
How have these roles impacted your life? I would be a 100% completely different person without these two things in my life. Campus life is not all about school work and partying. It’s about finding a niche and growing with it. I have definitely grown alongside these two things. The juggling club constantly reminds me to be yourself, be different, be you, and most important: have fun.
The Student Green Energy Fund is nearly one and a half years old. I have been on the committee since it began and I’ve watched it grow as well as myself. This fund makes a difference. It directly reduces the carbon footprint of our school by purchasing the equipment to make it possible; like gym equipment that pumps energy back into the grid. SGEF has helped me become more organized, focused, and aware of how big an impact a little fund can make.
Are you in love with USFSP? Absolutely! The campus location alone is amazing- right down town, on a harbor, next to a marine science school, AND 15 minutes from the beach. Of course I love USFSP. Seeing people I know on my way to class everyday makes it even more amazing. We have small class sizes which make asking questions in class way easier, and a student government that we all know and talk to. The only thing that would make this campus more amazing is a wind generator and giant trampoline on harborside lawn.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I’d like to be able to focus all my energy on one thing. I like so many things in so many different areas that it’s really hard to choose sometimes.
If someone paid for all of the expenses of a trip, what one city would you choose to go to? It is my biggest dream to go on a 10-day dive trip to Coco’s Island off the coast of Costa Rica. It’s a national park that is also an island that is locates 340 miles off the coast. Thousands of hammerhead sharks migrate there every year and it has the nickname of ‘Island of the Sharks.’ Beautiful.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? I asked myself that question the other day! Except I asked for 5 years ahead. I see myself scuba diving somewhere, happy as can be with a sunglass tan. I’m going to become a scientific diver and try to travel around the continents a bit helping with research. In ten years I think I won’t be in the continental United States, and I will be near the ocean.
What is one of your most embarrassing moments? Man, I still remember it to this day. I was in elementary school (one of the lower grades), and I was in music class. I had to go on the little stage for something and all of the sudden I tripped and fell right on my face and I was wearing a dress. The whoooole class saw my barney underwear.
Single or Taken? Taken
Favorite music genre? Hard question to answer. I go to mostly electronic shows, but I’ve really just been diggin Frank Sinatra, Amos Lee, and various Motown lately. I think it’s the cold weather.
Who do you look up to? I really wish I had half as much passion and drive as Lauren Reilly. That girl gets things done, knows everything there is to know about green energy, and means every word of what she says. Also my mom dad and brother. They do what makes em happy, and they’re pretty successful at it.
What is your biggest pet peeve? People that don’t keep their word. The biggest thing I don’t like is depending on someone and having them fall through at the last minute. Even if it’s the pizza guy. I was hungry 2 hours ago bro and now i’m just gonna eat some waffles.
What superpower would you choose to have? Oh man. That is a really hard question. Flying would be fun, but then I couldn’t wear as many dresses. I wouldn’t want x-ray vision or mind reading abilities… I would want to breathe underwater. I feel like the ocean really is my home, and I still do want to be a mermaid.
Pepsi or coca-cola? Coca-Cola if I really had to choose. I don’t drink much soda. It leaves a strange after taste. I prefer coffee and red bull.
As a student in USFSP, what would you do to make our campus better? As I said before, I love this campus. It is on a harbor and right next to downtown St. Pete. The one thing that would make it better is helping people appreciate the location more; like taking out the kayaks and riding bikes around the bay. This would help people realize how amazing this place is. I want people to appreciate the campus we live on by making it unique- by putting wind generators on harborside lawn and solar panels on the top of the parking garage. I want our campus to reduce its carbon and attract new students based solely on that fact.
Lena Wray has clearly accomplished numerous things on campus and she is definitely not done yet! Her environmental friendly goals are astonishing and she deserves and needs all the help she can get. All these changes are possible as long as the school comes together as a whole and works towards a more environmental-friendly campus; a goal already underway. Lena, HerCampus USFSP congratulates you for the amazing work you have done and we will be on the look for greater things to come.
Kelly Mora-Romero is the President/Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus USF St. Petersburg. She was born in Colombia but has lived in the US since 2004. As a Global Business and Marketing major with a minor in Mass Communications, Kelly's dream job is to work in international marketing with a big communications company; traveling is a must! Her biggest inspiration for stories come from local or campus-related news, advise for the every-day life and tips on success. If you wish to contact Campus Correspondent Kelly for article ideas or any comments/concerns/issues at USFSP email at: kellyromero@hercampus.com For any other personal inquiries email: kellyjulieth@mail.usf.edu HCXO
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