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Being fat? There’s an app for that. – Top 5 Fattest Apps for the iPhone

1. Girl Scout Cookie Locator: Track down your nearest box of Thin Mints or have Girl Scout notifications sent directly to your phone. Yup.

2. iCeCream: This one involves licking the iPhone screen; we don't really need to say much more about that.

3. Pizza Hut App: Build your pizza on the iPhone screen and order it. Apparently all of that dialing and talking nonsense is just too much.
4. iBeer: Now your iPhone screen is full of beer. Tilt phone to drink it. Also available on the iPad in keg form.
5. HERSHEY’S Chocolate Milk: Mix and drink your own virtual chocolate milk. Now you can have it all the time, even when you can't have it.

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