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Art Inspired: St. Petersburg Art and Fashion Week

The Florida rain might have dampened the grounds of the Duncan McClellan Gallery but it did not halt the spirits of all the art goers.

On Sept. 19, the third day of the St. Petersburg Art and Fashion Week, the “Art Inspired” event had a small but lively turnout.

With elements such as an open bar, small plates of hors d’oeuvres, smooth R & B music playing in the background and several models mingling amongst the crowd, it was a social night out.

Visitors of the gallery were able to stroll through the venue and observe the work of dozens of artists. Pieces of their art were displayed in sections labeled with their names and short bios.

The outdoor patio was to be the main area for guests. Although rained out, it still held the work of a couple of artist including Sarah Campagna, the creator of the Cyber Craft Robots. She shared a little about her work.

“I was doing a different sort of art a more serious, message driven kind of things”, said Campagna. “I had some serious things happen to me. My husband almost passed away and I got back to working. I wanted to do something that still had a message but was fun and made people smile.”

One artist who chose not to show his work on account of the rain was Freddie Fred. An up and coming talent that specializes in black and white pen and ink art was thrilled to be present at the event.

He expressed his excitement to be a part of the St. Petersburg art community as well as have his work shown in the gallery of the well known Duncan McClellan.

Mary Childs, the Gallery Director was happy to share some insight about the gallery. She stated that McClellan, one who works with glass art and herself,  pursue work that interest them, have historical relevance, and work with a salability factor.

McClellan’s gallery an award winning location is dedicated to education. It is directly associated with organizations such as the non-profit DMG School Project. It runs with the mission to inform children and the public about art, specifically glass work.

The Warehouse Arts district, the beneficiary of the St. Petersburg Art and Fashion Week, is another project that McClellan personally took an interest in seeing progress.

Its vision is to take form in a new project called the Enclave. It will be a location utilized for artist of many mediums to create, exhibit their work, and demonstrate to the public their work process.


To see pictures of the artwork, please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.776061115783970.1073741827.148342851889136&type=3


For more information visit:

St. Petersburg Art and Fashion: www.stpeteartfashionweek.com

Duncan McClellan Gallary: www.dmglass.com

Warehouse Arts District: www.warehouseartsdistrictstpete.com


Bryana Perkins is a Mass Communications Major at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. She is originally from Philadelphia, PA., but has been living in Florida for ten years. Perkins will soon graduate and hopes to use her writing skills to work for a non-profit organization. She enjoys sports, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite topics to write about are people and community. Perkins hopes her desire to write will impact people's lives in a positive.
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