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9 Artists That Should Be On Your Fall Playlist

As fall approaches, I tend to switch out some of the music that I will listen to on a daily basis. Even though I live in Florida, I like to pretend I live up north, where the leaves change to a maroon colour and fall off the trees, and it’s cool enough to wrap up in a scarf with a hot pumpkin spice instead of a cold one. I believe a big aspect that makes fall, well, fall, is the ambiance and atmospheric feeling of warmth. Switching out my playlists and listening to songs that set the mood is one of my favorite ways for transitioning into fall. With the music, I can imagine the rest of what fall might look like in a different state. Here are some of the bands that I’m listening to:

  1. Mumford & Sons: I first thought of this band because they’re playing in Tampa this week, but I am sadly missing their first performance in Florida (too much work to do at college). But nonetheless, I can still enjoy their folk-y acoustic sound on my playlist! Suggested Songs: The Cave, There Will Be Time, and of course, Little Lion Man

  2. Bleachers: Also a recent concert that was in Tampa, but I missed them. Even though Bleachers seems a bit like a beachy playlist kind of band, I wanted to add them to this list because their recent album, Gone Now, is just SO good! I think that they are a good transition into the more acoustic artists for fall, but still pop-y enough that you won’t fall asleep while listening to them. Their sound is just so happy!  Suggested Songs: Hate That You Know Me, Good Morning, and I Wanna Get Better

  3. Vance Joy: I feel like Vance Joy is a hidden gem. After the popularity of Riptide died down, no one really paid him attention. I like him, especially his songs Georgia and Fire and the Flood for nights when I want to light a candle, take a bath, and unwind

  4. Bon Iver: Bon Iver is kind of a mystery to me, and I like that. I don’t really know much about the artist other than I like his music, especially in the fall time. Suggested Songs: Skinny Love, Holocene, and Re: Stacks

  5. The Head & The Heart: This band kind of reminds me of the band Of Monsters & Men (who are also on this list!). They came into my line of sight last year at Tampa’s Next Big Thing festival, and they are really good performer’s live. I also really love all the album art on all of their album covers. Suggested Songs: All We Ever Knew and Rivers and Roads

  6. The Lumineers: The Lumineers are headlining one of the two days of the Next Big Thing festival this December in Tampa, and I am so excited to see them! If you like any of the other bands on this list, they have the same type of music (as you’ll see with most of the artists on this list.) Their song Ho Hey brought them into the alternative spotlight, but I really am a fan of their entire first album, which is self titled. They put out an album in 2016 that’s also pretty good. Suggested Songs: Cleopatra, Ophelia, and Stubborn Love

  7. James Bay: I have to be honest, I am still so sick of James’ song Let It Go, but he has other songs that I think are better and should be listened to more. He has that whole fall vibe going with the the fedora type hats he always wears at performances, and those boots. Plus, he’s totally adorable. Suggested Songs: Hold Back The River, Need The Sun To Break, and Craving

  8. Of Monsters & Men: OM&M is another band who I saw at Next Big Thing last year. The performance was really fun to watch because of how many people there were on the stage at once- it’s a pretty large band. I also like the dynamic of the voices of both the male and female lead artists. Suggested Songs: Dirty Paws, Crystals, and Little Talks

  9. Ed Sheeran: Of course, I could not have a fall playlist without including one of my favorite artists of all time. His first album, + is definitely the first album I pull out when I’m in the mood for fall every year. I love Lego House, Autumn Leaves, and Little Bird. I also love one of his first songs- Cold Coffee. It used to be my Tumblr anthem in high school!

Enjoy listening to these with a hot latte and a cozy blanket!


Hayley Garron


Hayley Nicole Garron is a student at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, currently majoring in Journalism. She has passions of reading, writing, playing soccer, shopping, and doing things for others, and she aspires to to gain her fame by creating a novel so amazing you won't want to put it down. In her spare time, she can be found watching YouTube videos, writing her blog, "This is why I'm Haute," or trying new DIY's found on pinterest. USFSP has been a great influence to help her find more of herself in growing up.
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