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2017 Spring Break Ideas to do from Home

Most of you are probably on spring break this week, and if you aren’t, it is probably just around the corner (for USFSP, it is next week). Many people think that you should be active over spring break, or else you can’t have “the best spring break” ever.

There are always those colorful pictures on Instagram of your friends on the beach on some unique island, but the reality is, most girls just sit at home scrolling on Instagram over break. Here are some ideas to cure your boredom over the week:

1|Get up early, go for coffee, and catch up with a friend- while watching the sunrise, of course! Many college students love to sleep until the sun is at high noon, but they also forget about the beauty of watching the sun rise in the morning before the 7:00 A.M. bell in high school. Spring break is the perfect time to scope out a spot (it could even be in your front lawn) to chat with your friends and watch the sun rise!

taken from USF St. Pete

2|Spa night with your girls! Take it back to the middle or high school days, where your friends would come crash, and you’d watch movies, eat a ton of chocolate, gossip about boys, and paint each other’s nails!

from right to left, Megan Hammer, Danni Lysik, & myself

3|Learn how to D.I.Y some new beverages, refreshments, or colorful snacks! I know the unicorn white hot chocolate is all over Pinterest (you could freeze it to make it more of a refreshing beverage!) They will taste great and look good for Instagram pics!

4|Explore a new local place! Google a place such as coffee shops, local markets, boutiques that are local to where you are (that you haven’t been to) and spend some time getting to know the area- maybe even take some cool pics.

taken at the Oxford Exchange, in Tampa. 

5| Start a journal or blog. Something that I have recently been loving is the art of bullet journaling (link for article:). It has helped me to organize my thoughts, to-do lists, writing ideas, and doodles. I have also recently started a blog (link here:) and have been enjoying writing about things that I enjoy doing in my life! Many people ask me how to start both things, and my only reply is: “Just start!” It took me so long to start publishing my writing, but the payoff and the compliments I have gotten have been so worth it; it also is an amazing stress reliever!

I hope you enjoy these ideas, and they give you some thought points on what to do from home over your spring break!


Hayley Garron

all photos taken are my own. 

Hayley Nicole Garron is a student at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, currently majoring in Journalism. She has passions of reading, writing, playing soccer, shopping, and doing things for others, and she aspires to to gain her fame by creating a novel so amazing you won't want to put it down. In her spare time, she can be found watching YouTube videos, writing her blog, "This is why I'm Haute," or trying new DIY's found on pinterest. USFSP has been a great influence to help her find more of herself in growing up.
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