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Whose land are you on? Regardless of what “rights” you have to the land you reside on according to the government, you should know from whom this land was stolen. Text +1 (907) 312-5085 with your Zip Code or your city and state (in City, State format) to find out.

To find out more about the indigenous populations to whom your land belongs to, click here for an interactive map to learn more about the group, their languages and more.

Although Thanksgiving is an important time to reflect and give thanks, we cannot forget its bloody history. There is no way to decolonize a colonizer’s holiday, so at the very least we should learn about the people who had this land for centuries before us.

MaryCate (she/her/hers) is a Senior International Studies major with a concentration in the Environment & Development and minors in African Studies and French Studies at the University of San Francisco. MaryCate is Campus Correspondent of HC at USFCA. She loves traveling, baking and all things related to coffee. While in San Francisco, you can find MaryCate getting brunch with her friends or indoor rock climbing in the Presidio. While not in San Francisco, MaryCate is frequently passing time at home with her parents in France or traveling anywhere, when safe.
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