Sherlock is Back!

Sherlock is Back!

In case you've been living under a rock, Sherlock is BBC's hit show featuring none other than Sherlock Homes, infamous for its long episodes and even long hiatuses. Sherlock debuts three 90-minute episodes every two years, and last year, to the fans' delight, there was an additional Christmas special! Now, with only a year gap in between the episodes, Sherlock will return.

The Christmas special The Abominable Bride last year consisted of a sort of time travel for the world’s favourite detective. It was set in Victorian Era London, paying an homage of sorts to the traditional setting in the books. It was the writers Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ chance to give Sherlock a classic Conan Doyle feel, since every other episode in the series is based in modern times.

*SPOILERS BELOW - Read at your own risk!*

This episode featured Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, and many more of the cast we love so dearly. The world’s only consulting detective was on the case, searching for a bride who had supposedly died the previous day, but who had gone out and killed her husband the next day! Now, Sherlock Holmes, with the help from his partner Dr. John Watson, searchs for this bride - the game is afoot!

Throughout the episode, however, we begin to see the cracks in the façade. We soon discover that the Sherlock of the modern time is in fact hallucinating, exploring the past in order to try and figure out how someone can come back from the dead;  in reality, it reflects a case that he is solving currently.

This exotic twist on the plot was fascinating for all of the viewers, seeing a combination of Conan Doyle’s original setting meeting the charm of Sherlock set in modern London.

Now, a year later, Sherlock will return with another 3 episode series, and fans are thrilled to see it come back after only a year. The episodes will be action packed once again, including Amanda Abbington playing John’s wife, Mary. Morarity, the antagonist for Sherlock both in the books and in the series will return, and along with that, a baby will be thrown into the mix! All fans of Sherlock are looking forward to seeing their detective return this year.