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SF Guide to Group Fitness Classes

Living in San Francisco has its many perks. One of my favorites: it’s home to many fun and challenging fitness studios! For me, taking group fitness classes is very encouraging and makes working out something to look forward to. The holidays are rolling through which means much food and goodies to indulge in, therefore I try to keep it a priority to get a good workout in when I get the opportunity… you know…so that I don’t feel as guilty to take in those gingerbread cookies ;). The following are some of my favorites studios around the city that I discovered through Classpass.

1. Barry’s Bootcamp: For the love of Barry’s! Workouts at this studio are sure to leave you feeling like a bad ass. You either start your workout on the treadmill or the floor. Eventually, you switch off. People on tread are instructed various sprint and endurance intervals while people on the floor are lifting weights, getting those squats in, planking, pushups, you name it! Classes on Monday through Thursday are body part specific workouts (Monday Abs, Tuesday butt and legs, Wednesday) Friday through Sunday are full body workouts. Whichever you decide to take, you’ll sure be feeling like you can take on any challenge upon completion. Their protein smoothies bar is the absolute best! I highly recommend purchasing one before class to have it waiting for you as soon as your workout ends. 

2. Uforia Studios: Located in Nob Hill, Uforia offers spin (Revolutions), conditioning and cardio (GRIT), and hip hop dance classes (Hip Hop Club)! Things you should expect to do in GRIT include anything from planks for toning those abs,  wall sits for toning those legs and booty, or some hammer curls to carve those arms all while incorporating a nice cardio base and keeping your heart rate up in between the exercises. Revolutions is such a fun and upbeat spin class because movements are in synch to the beat of the music. Get ready for a good sweat! For all you dancers out there, Hip Hop Club offers such a great workout with very talented instructors. Instructors for every type of class are all wonderful! It’s impossible to choose a favorite. 

3. Mission Yoga: You’ll be sure to leave this studio feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated! Mission Yoga is a hot yoga and pilates studio located in the Mission District. I was a bit hesitant the first time that I came to this studio (for Inferno Pilates) because I imagined everyone would be pro and to be honest, I had never taken a class in a room heated to 104 degrees+ humidity, so I did not think I would be able to make it through the class. I was so wrong. I wouldn’t say it was easy, but I do believe it’s something most people can get through. What helped was how encouraging my instructor was (Bridget). The entire staff is so welcoming and helpful, that a bad experience at this studio won’t even exist! 

4. Rogue and Saint: I’m not going to lie, I definitely doubted being able to get through my class the first time I took one here. They are TOUGH! But my oh my do they make you feel a-m-a-z-i-n-g afterward. The format is similar to Barry’s Bootcamp where you either start on the treadmill or on the floor and eventually switch off. The treadmill exercises don’t consist of as many sprints as Barry’s, though. Instead, they’re more of walking /jogging steep inclines. Don’t let that sound easy- they’re such a great challenge! Floor exercises are intense, but definitely push you in the best way possible. The classes aren’t impossible to do, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend a person who rarely works out/ is a beginner with weights or strength training to take a class here. I love Rogue and Saint! 


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