Ohi Outland '16

If you have attended any of the Phi Delta Theta socials, this particular campus cutie has definitely caught your eye. Between his lively personality and awesome style, he's not just hard to miss, he's the life of any party. This week we sat down with Ohi Outland, class of 2016 and got the scoop on his first date, tips for dating at USF, and the craziest thing an ex-bae has ever done to him! 

Name: Ohi Outland

Year: Senior

Hometown: Pine Grove, Ca

Major: Politics

Relationship Status: Single

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ohi: I’m a senior Politics major with a triple minor in Legal Studies, Public Relations, and Philippine studies. I’m in Phi Delta Theta on campus, I’m the social chair and I was the previous recruitment chair. My freshman and sophomore year, I was really involved on campus, I was on Senate, GO Team and CAB. Junior year I started to just focus on school and work.


How long was your longest relationship?

Ohi: 6 months

HC: That’s pretty long.

Ohi: Yeah! It was a super good relationship but it just got to the point where he was really busy with work and I was really busy with school and work. It was hard to commit the time to one another.

HC: How old were you?

Ohi: It was last year, so like the first 6 months of junior year, we were both around 20.

HC: Does he go to USF?

Ohi: No, thank god. He was a barista.


What do you look for in a significant other?

Ohi: I definitely look for personality. Well, personality and teeth, like I really love someone with good teeth. Personality is a big thing for me because if we don’t click on a personality level or you’re not outgoing like I am... it’s just really hard to get past that.


Describe the USF dating scene in one sentence.

Ohi: Just go for it. It can be scary to put yourself out there at such a small school but it’s definitely worth it.  


What was your first date like?

Ohi: Haha, well...it was with a girl and we went to a movie.

HC: How was it?

Ohi: It was really cute! But also REALLY uncomfortable haha!

HC: Are you guys still friends?

Ohi: Yeah! We had been friends since we were really young because our parents were friends and so we’re still friends on facebook.


Speaking of movies, how do you feel about RomComs? Do you have a favorite?

Ohi: I love them! My favorite is definitely "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days".


What’s the craziest thing an ex-bae has ever done in or out of a relationship?

Ohi: So my first date with the barista was at El Techo de Lolinda, a rooftop cantina in The Mission. We went there, had dinner and then we started seeing each other. Whatever. Then we ended things and I went back to El Techo with my friends. We’re getting drunk, having a great time and I look to my right and see he’s there with another guy. I was like, “Are you freaking kidding me? You must be joking... what is going on?” So I just keep ya know, pounding 'em back and I decided to walk over to his table. I asked him what he was doing there and he told me that he was on a date. I was so mad that before I turned to walk away I said, “Oh that’s so cute. Glad to know you repeat first date spots”. Like... how rude was it of him to bring someone to the place that we had our first date? Ugh.