Lights, Camera, Kenadi!

Name: Kenadi Silcox

Year: Sophomore

Major: Media Studies, PASJ-Music (double majoring)

Hometown: Seattle, Washington 


What activities are you involved in on-campus?

I’m a sister of Delta Zeta sorority, Events Coordinator on the Executive Board for College Players, perform in College Players’ productions, on Awkward Silence improv team, and am a member of the University Choir. 


What makes you want to get involved?

I love performing and having a creative outlet to express myself. Even though it feels like a lot sometimes, every activity is something I love being a part of and love getting to know as many different people as possible through all of these organizations. 


How do you balance all of your activities and school?

I’ve sold my soul in exchange for never needing to sleep or feeling stress. JUST KIDDING. What I’m learning is that sometimes you just have to say, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but NO.” Sometimes you have to skip out on parties so that you can do your laundry, write an essay, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. I’m getting more and more comfortable with doing that, especially since I get to spend so much time with people I love from every activity anyway. Despite being so involved, I really love having time alone so when I get space for just a few hours to do my homework or other mundane chores by myself, it motivates me to make the most of it. 


That was a lot of words, I apologize. 


Do you have a favorite activity?

I love Awkward Silence the most out of anything I’ve ever done ever. It’s probably because there’s no politics to it. It’s just hanging out with great people two times a week (or more sometimes… we’re kind of obsessed with each other) to just joke around and have fun. It’s the most random assortment of people from all walks of life, yet we all love working together as a team.


Have you thought about what you want to do after college? If so, what are your tentative plans? 

I’d really love to be a writer for a comedy show like Saturday Night Live or something like that. But I’m also passionate about music and will always dream of being a performer. 


Do you have any role models? If so, why do you admire them?

Lame and typical, but my mom is my number one lady. Actually that’s not lame she’s super cool and will probably read this so nevermind not lame!! My mom is the hardest working human I’ve ever met and still continues to strive to achieve everything she sets her mind to. I also look up to Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer as writers and comedians; women who can create funny moments out of positive, loving, female friendships mean the world to me. 


Describe one of your favorite memories that you would not have had if you did not get involved.

Honestly, I value every person I’ve been able to get to know over the past year and have a lot of small memories that all together mean the world to me. I guess one of my best times of my college experience and possibly life was getting to be in Rent last spring; I have a ton of amazing memories from that experience (they’ll stay undisclosed, gotta keep it Jesuit) but just being able to make so many close knit, lifelong friendships is what made it so special. 


As someone who is very involved on a small campus, you have a relatively larger platform in terms of spreading/promoting awareness of issues. What are some issues or causes (on campus or off) that you value?

Sexual violence as a whole is something that sickens me to my core. It is so important to use positions of power to address these issues and motivate others to want to seek change in laws, on our campus, and how our society works as a whole. The world needs to stop fetishizing and hyper-sexualizing the female body, plain and simple. As women, we need to not only empower ourselves, but empower each other, take care of each other, and stop perpetuating internalized misogyny that contributes to rape culture. 


Any additional comments or additions? (Anything you want to share or promote goes here!)


Audition for Love’s Labour’s Lost the 2016 College Players’ spring musical 

Come to Awkward Silence’s Halloween show!