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High School, College, then The Bachelor?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFCA chapter.

If you are over 21, single, and searching for some love and fame, then going on The Bachelor after college might be the right move for you. This might seem like a joke but in today’s society branding yourself is perhaps, the key to success — especially for careers in media such as, bloggers, YouTubers, actors, models, and writers. Essentially, if you want to be any sort of content creator, building your image is the best way to differentiate yourself from others. Going on The Bachelor may just be how to do it.

Recently I found out that a girl just finishing college was applying to go on The Bachelor. My first reaction was “wow that’s a career ruiner!” But after giving it a little more thought, and trying not to be so judgmental, I realized that it may just be one of the smartest career moves ever. While you might not find love on The Bachelor, you will certainly find fame, well if you make it far enough. Whether it’s fans, followers, or your name in People magazine, people will know who you are. Take Becca Tilley for example: despite not winning multiple times, she has over 1 million followers on Instagram, a podcast, and a YouTube channel! Clearly she is doing alright. As Instagram is almost like a public portfolio or resume now, a little extra likes and followers from the Bachelor community might not be so bad. Since so many people these days aspire to be Insta-famous this could give you that push that is much needed in this new and competitive world.

While this opportunity could have the potential to jumpstart your career, it may also have the potential to ruin the rest of your life, just to put it out there. Maybe not your whole life, but if the producers make you do something completely insane you could become known as “the crazy girl from season 23,” until the day you die. But hey, maybe that’s what you’re going for in life. My point is, that while being on The Bachelor might seem like an easy way to become famous, you might also end up not being able to get a job after or live down that thing you said on episode 7.

The bottom line is that joining the cast of the next Bachelor season might not be the best post-college for decision for everyone, but if you want to be any kind of content creator then maybe you should audition because it may just be what you need to survive in the nearly impossible media industry. Either way we shouldn’t have to confine ourselves the to the inescapable life cycle that society perpetuates. High school, college, then work doesn’t have to be the path you take in life. Spice it up a little bit ladies!

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