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Fall Fashion!

Name: Kayla Pressley

Major: Undeclared

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Laguna Beach, California

Instagram: kkavla


What are you wearing today?

Today I’m wearing this oversized, turtleneck, knit sweater from Urban Outfitters and then I am wearing jeans that I got from Salvation Army like a couple of years ago. I took them in when I went home because they were bootlegged and I’m learning how to use a sewing machine. My boots are Doc Martens.


Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I get all my fashion inspiration from Instagram and social media. Also I like to take inspiration from what other people are wearing and how they build their own style wardrobe; especially my friends because they all have their own unique way of dressing.


If you could come up with a name for your style, what would it be?

This question is so hard. Some words that come to mind are like eclectic because I get clothes from a lot of different places.


What is your ideal outfit to wear on a date?

Probably something pretty simple and basic, like I really love a black shirt and I have like three different denim skirts, so probably a denim mini skirt and then boots.


What is one thing you want to tell people who have yet to discover their style?

I would say experiment a lot because there was definitely a time when I didn’t know what I liked to wear and I had to try different things. I went through phases where I just tried a lot of different stuff out and then if you do that then you’ll find what makes you most comfortable and what you feel best in. Don’t just try to follow trends.

" I'm as unique as my name"Sophomore Communication Studies major with a minor in Journalism/ African American studies. 
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