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Every year, my sister and I watch the Oscar nominated best picture films. This year, I was pleasantly surprised by the films this year. Below is the list and my reactions of these films.

1. Call Me By Your Name

This film was a beautiful movie about a love story between a Italian-American boy and a American man. The love story is beautiful and normalized. Unlike many movies about gay and lesbian couples, which focus on the struggles of having to hide their relationship, this movie allows the love to blossom. It's beautiful done and it was easily my favorite movie I saw this year.

2. Lady Bird

This movie is a relatable film for anyone who sees it. It's a classic coming of age story about a girl from Sacramento who wants to leave her small town in order to experience college in a big city. This movie is great in the way it is understated and very relatable about the experiences from her perspectives. This is why it seems to be a fan favorite this year.

3. Get Out

For anyone who likes horror movies or even if they don't, I think both parties will enjoy Get Out. The film premiered at the Sundance Festival in 2017 and is unlike any horror movie I've seen. This is because it's content focuses on racial issues and states many problems in our society. I thoroughly enjoyed this film for its entertainment value as well as the statements it made. It is a must see!

4. Shape of Water

When I saw the trailer for this film I was skeptical at best. A woman falling in love with a fish man? Really? I didn't love the idea and was not thrilled to see it. However, I ended up enjoying the film very much! The filming style was wonderful, many of the movie was comical and allowed for interesting characters. I loved the concept simply because of it's unique plot and interesting characters. I was pleasantly surprised by the film and I think everyone should see it!

5. Dunkirk

There are many historical movies surrounding WWII and I would count Dunkirk as one of the best. The film, while being a cinematography masterpiece, involved a harrowing real-life experience of these solders. Being a History buff or not, one could get a great experience out of this movie and it was wonderfully done.

6. The Post

Following the chain of Historical films, comes The Post. Any movie with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks is bound to be good and I have to say that although the film was excellent, it was also predictable. Although I did not know the full story of The Pentagon Papers and the Washington Post, I found some parts cheesy and had a bit of Hollywood drama. However, I love stories about publications, but didn't find it as good as Oscar winner Spotlight, but it was still inspiring and well done in it's own right.

7. The Darkest Hour

Featuring Gary Oldman as the best Winston Churchill depiction I've ever seen, The Darkest Hour tells the story of Churchill's first few weeks as Prime Minster, dealing with the situation at Dunkirk. My sister and I jokingly called it the Dunkirk prequel. While the former half of the film was difficult to get into, the latter half made it for it. I found it incredibly inspiring and frustrating, like Churchill himself could be at times.

8. Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

This film was one of the most unique out of all the one's I'd seen and easily the hardest to watch. Three Billboards did not shy away from the difficult subjects of rape, murder, or racism. The acting, by the talented Woody Harrelson and Frances Mcdormand steal the show. I would be very surprised if both of them don't win Best Actor and Actress. While there were some plot points I wished they had flushed out, overall I found the movie gut-renching and enthralling.

9. Phantom Thread

This movie was easily the most bizarre and my least favorite, (including the fish man one). The story features a dress maker, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, who takes in a women to be his token, his doll for his dresses. As their relationship develops, she falls in love with him while he remains on the outskirts, playing with her affection all the while. However, as she regains power in the relationship, their dynamic gets more and more bizarre until it is at a near diabolical level. I did not enjoy the themes or the way it was done and therefore do not give it a recommendation. 


Well, there they are! I hope to see these talented actors and actresses do well tomorrow during the Oscars and enjoyed (most) of these films very much!

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