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Since COVID safety measures in my community have changed the in person shopping experience at many of my favorite stores, I have found myself relying on Amazon more and more to make purchases – I do not feel safe leaving my house often to pick up random things from grocery stores or malls. The fast shipping and quick buying process definitely sealed the deal for me. After reflecting on my many Amazon purchases, here are a few of my holy grail purchases that I do not regret!

Cold Brew Maker

This purchase was a game changer. I usually prefer drinking cold brew over lattes so I always used to buy plastic jugs of Starbucks cold brew from Target. But overtime, it became inconvenient to keep having to go to Target and stock up. It got pricey and I did not want to be using up so much plastic. Making this purchase definitely saved me many Target trips and plastic consumption. This cold brew maker is good quality and so easy to use. I make it the night before so the water can soak up all the beans overnight in order for me to drink it the following day. 

Hand-Held Frother

Speaking of caffeine, I also really enjoy drinking matcha lattes. Using this hand held frother makes it so much easier and faster to blend the matcha powder in with water. This frother is good quality and does not take up a lot of space either so it can easily just be stored in a kitchen drawer. It also just elevates the drink making experience! You could also use this frother when trying to make cold foam for coffee drinks as well like a Starbucks drink. There are so many different ways to use it and be creative with it.

Defining Decade by Meg Jay

I got this book as a birthday gift and I really enjoyed reading it. To be honest, I am not really a bookish person but these types of self help books are an exception. I love learning from and hearing about different people’s life experiences because I feel that it makes me wiser and more open minded. Overall, this book explains the importance of your twenties in order to set yourself up for success for your thirties, forties, and so forth. Clinical psychologist Meg Jay uses her experiences counseling people in their twenties to provide advice on how to make the most of your twenties. I loved reading a few pages before bed instead of pointlessly scrolling through my social media apps.

Simple Modern Insulated Mug

I get annoyed when my hot drink gets cold five minutes after making it. When I make a hot drink, I want it to stay warm until the very last sip – which is why this mug was a game changer. It definitely keeps my drinks warm until I finish and the sleek design of the mug is a bonus. This brand overall produces great sturdy products and is a dupe for Hydro Flasks in my opinion. They have bottles and tumblers for cold drinks in different sizes as well.

Sweater Vest

I never thought I would buy clothes from Amazon but here I am telling you that if you are into the sweater vest trend, you should definitely look for some on Amazon. I got this idea from TikTok after I saw a girl talking about clothes she got on Amazon. This trendy sweater vest is affordable compared to the ones you can get from other stores in the mall. But if you are not into that whole trend, there are other clothing pieces that might be worth the look at. You would be surprised at what you can find!

These five things have spiced up my morning coffee, wardrobe, mug collection book collection and more, and they can do the same for you! 

Kayla is a third year Communications Studies major and General Business minor and the Marketing and Publicity Director for the USFCA Chapter of Her Campus. She loves lifestyle content and hopes to contribute related content in her articles. Outside of school and work, you can find her watching sunsets at the beach, scrolling on Pinterest, or rewatching an old episode of FRIENDS.
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