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Zachary Johnson

Major: B.S. Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Year: Senior
Relationship status: Living the bachelor lifestyle

Ultimate goal in life: “To leave it all on the field.”

Favorite thing about USF: “I feel as if USF has a deep rooted “underdog” mindset. Although our academia, student life, and Big East athletics continue to be recognized both nationally and globally in countless ways, the students and staff of our institution maintain a strong desire to enhance the University of South Florida. I take great pride knowing that my alma mater will continue to be competitive with other institutions of higher education and impactful to our local and global communities.”

Least fav thing about USF: “My least favorite thing about USF is traveling across campus and running into students wearing apparel of other schools. The University of South Florida is often considered the second most difficult state university for admissions, and at the rate we are going we will be the most difficult before long. I do have to say however, that the USF spirit has grown tremendously since my first year at the University and I anticipate it will continue to do so.”

Proudest accomplishment at USF: “Like many students at USF, I have had to maintain full time employment nearly my entire college career. I commend any student who must work to sustain themselves while completing their education, and I take great pride knowing that my hard work to afford an education will be rewarded with a degree in Chemical Engineering in two short semesters.”

If you could go back in time and change something in either in your life or in history, what would it be? “I would change how much time I spent with my parents and brother growing up. It took me moving about a thousand miles away to really understand how important each of them are in my life, I value the time I spend with them every time we are reunited.”

What are your hobbies and interests? “I’m passionate about involvement in the community and I spend a great deal of time focused on Student Government, organization and university initiatives. I love cooking as well as trying new foods, I bike often and I enjoy watching USF Bulls athletics and St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Chemical engineering is a great fit for me, I enjoy the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for it. I intend to use my education to either address global concerns on water purification and sustainability, or to work in a large industrial brewery.”

The weirdest thing about you? “I was adopted at a very early age, needless to say that while growing up I would stand out like a sore thumb in family pictures.”

The most normal thing about you? “I have a tendency to procrastinate on my homework until the day or two before it is due. I’m sure my classmates are nodding their heads in agreement as they read this.”

What is something you’re madly passionate about? “I love exploring all kinds of new foods, whether that means additional traveling or simply trying a new recipe or ingredient in my own kitchen. My roommate seems to prefer the latter.”

What’s your favorite cause to support? “Sustainable energy as well as availability of clean water. I personally believe that these two issues are fundamental to the survivability of our societies and our planet. The lack of both will continue to be our primary causes of suffering until we resolve to focus a greater proportion of our intellectual resources to addressing these crises.”

Words of wisdom to other USF students? “Every day we are faced with countless choices. Most of them are simple, sometimes it’s about following up on an opportunity or staying true to you and your ambitions. Each of us have the opportunity to start a tradition, to earn another A in class, or help someone in need. The choices we make to address our short term goals dictate who will be our future doctors, politicians, Rhodes Scholars, and professional athletes. Make the decisions that are true to yourself, and you will never go wrong.”

Daylina Miller is a senior at the University of South Florida studying multimedia journalism and psychology and anticipates graduating spring 2012. She is a member of the national and USF chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists, Bull Bikers' Association, and the Heavy Metal Enthusiasts Club. She currently writes news features for USF's website and is an avid blogger. Her interests include traveling, writing, tarot, paranormal research and photography. She recently enjoyed a travel/study tour to London and various cities in Ireland and plans on backpacking through Europe after graduation. Being a mermaid didn't pan out and paranormal research won't pay her bills so her ultimate goal is to report for a well-respected daily newspaper or magazine as a multimedia journalist.
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