You're Too Good For Him

Relationships are often one of the most difficult things that we, as Collegiettes, deal with. We can barely figure out ourselves, how are we supposed to figure out someone else? It’s almost a challenge to be able to tell who is actually serious about you and who just wants to play. And sadly, the population of players is on the rise. They’re everywhere these days and college is the perfect place to find one of these truly one of a kind gems. Just when you think you’ve hit the jackpot with your new guy, you realize that it's really nothing more than fool’s gold. Here’s how it goes: You meet a great guy who seems to have it all; he’s kind and caring, looks out for you, makes you feel good, everybody loves him, he’ll do pretty much anything for you, and he’s pretty easy on the eyes. He really does seem like the guy your parents would approve of. But the very instant you start to think you want to take the next step, he starts playing games, becomes distant, or worst of all disappears altogether. It’s like he sensed it coming and he’s running away before you can say anything. You begin to try and understand him, asking yourself why he’s being so difficult when things seemed to have been going so well, but you come up blank every single time wondering why it's so hard for him to be mature about this and say what he wants.

The answer to that- he knows exactly what he wants, and that is the ability to do whatever he feels like doing whenever he feels like doing it. He’s young, and wild, and free and there’s absolutely nothing that he loves more than that. While all of this might be wonderful for him, he doesn’t realize what he’s doing to your feelings and if he does realize it, he chooses not to care.

These are the kind of games that leave us girls puzzled. It’s the reason we sometimes get insecure or question what we can do differently. Or maybe why they don’t want to be with us or why we’re not good enough for them. And it becomes difficult to remember that you have absolutely NO reason to be insecure or do anything differently, NO reason to ask why they don’t want to be with you, and you definitely DON’T have a reason to think you’re not good enough. Because you are absolutely perfect and completely worth it. You are so incredibly beautiful and capable of doing anything at all, just be confident and proud and never let yourself feel like you need to do something differently. You see, relationships are two way streets and one person should never be the one doing all the fighting, you fight for each other. If he doesn’t care to put in an effort, you shouldn’t either. The people that are meant to be in your life, are the people who want to be. You have to remember that there is nothing wrong with you, there’s only something wrong with the people who can’t see what you bring to the table. A guy who makes you feel like you are anything less than his queen, doesn’t deserve to have you anywhere near him. You don’t need him, or anyone to complete you. Walk tall and stay strong, your king will find you and just remember that you ARE always good enough! And if he can’t see that, it's his loss.