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Your Complete Guide to Galentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be the dreadful time where you feel the absence of a significant other. What better way to spend this day of love than with your best gals? The comfort and bond girls share should be celebrated, whether it’s with your mom, roommates, childhood besties, etc.!

If you are planning on spending this day with all of your girls, here are five ways to make this romantic day Galentine friendly.

Secret Galentine

I don’t know about you, but I seriously miss the magical time to Christmas season. This easy Galentine’s day activity is inspired by the popular game of Secret Santa!

All you need is your group of besties, a set budget and preference sheets (these surveys can be typed up questionnaires asking for their favorite candy, store, hobby, and their sizes).

Once that information is collected, the quest in finding the perfect gift for your bestie will be made easy! You could even establish a theme such as red, pink and purple and get gifts according to those colors. This will make your “Secret Galentine’s” night a bit more festive with plenty of Instagram photo opportunities.

Spa day

Let’s face it, even on a holiday, life can be pretty stressful. What better way to destress than to have a spa day with all of your besties? If you want to go all out, you could set up table stations of different spa activities and decorate them all in the colors of love.

The table stations could consist of hair styling, facials, nails and at-home waxing.

After the makeovers are completed, your group of girls could dress up in Valentine’s Day colors and have a mini photoshoot!

Wine & dine

Craving something fancy on Galentine’s Day? You and your girls could dress up in V-Day inspired outfits, go to your favorite restaurant, and treat each other to a mock date! This fun Galentine’s Day date will still let you join in on the fun of dressing up and eating at an elegant restaurant, just without the nerves of a first date!

To channel the romantic vibes like the scene in Lady and the Tramp, order spaghetti and meatballs. This is also a chance for so many cute Instagram captions!

Cozy night at home

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than a cozy night in. You and the girls could decide on what type of dessert to bake and bake it into a heart shape. This extra step will make the usual night at home more relatable with the day’s theme. As the dessert is baking, put some face masks on and watch your favorite rom com!

Later on that night, you could even bring out the card game What Do You Meme: For the Girls. It’s a guarantee you all will end up laughing and having so much fun playing!

Whether you choose to spend the day in your apartment or go out, Valentine’s Day can be fun! It can be difficult to not get caught up in thinking of whether or not you’ll have a valentine, but an even better alternative is that your group of girls are all your valentines. Spend the day together and celebrate one another!

Hi!! My name is Lauren and I am a freshman at the University of South Florida majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Although I am not exactly sure of what career path I want to pursue, I am very passionate about writing! I enjoy taking and editing pictures, reading, playing guitar, running, and exploring new places with friends. I am crossed between a career as an OB/GYN or in communications, however, I am excited to start my journey in figuring out my future career! :)