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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

 Elle Woods may have stood out for bringing that feminine touch to the courtroom, but it looks like more of that is to come. When you think of a lawyer, you might default to thinking about a white man in a boring suit and tie, trying to win a case for his client. Turns out, more and more ladies are stepping into the courtrooms with that responsibility. 

According to Enjuris, “Women outnumbered men in law school classrooms across the United States in 2020 for the 5th year in a row.” I can definitely relate to this fact. From personal experience, I see so many more girls in my law-related classes. It shouldn’t come as a complete shock since half of the current members of the Supreme Court are women. This came about after the addition of Ketanji Brown Jackson as an Associate member of the Supreme Court. Especially for women of color who are going into law, this is a big thing to celebrate!      

TikTok also goes to show how so many young women are choosing law as their ultimate career path. A couple well-known young female attorneys on the platform include Callie Wilson (@okcallie) and Dellara Gorjian (@legalbaddie). These two beautiful ladies each have around 1 million followers on the app and with their content continue to inspire many other young women to pursue law and be as successful as they are. As someone who cannot get off of the TikTok, I love seeing powerful female attorneys on my For You page and they become role models to me.

 Many law schools now it seems are encouraging more women to apply to their school in attempts to mend the gender gap among the students, as well as promoting diversity. This is evident by reports of various law schools’ demographics. The student body for lots of different law schools tends to be about 50% female. It’s amazing to see so many more women pursuing a legal education, and it’s also very encouraging to many girls who are currently in school as pre-law students. In a field that can still be considered dominated by mainly men, it’s refreshing to hear that this might not be the case for long. 


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Hi! My name is Hamseh and I'm currently a senior at USF majoring in English and minoring in Legal Studies. I love to write and I'm looking forward to writing about topics that interest me!