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Recently, I have become a victim of being a “girl best friend” to a guy. And in my personal opinion, I have never agreed with the whole “just friends” idea. Because it does not exist. Any guy I have been “just friends” with has in the end confessed their feelings for me or used me as an emotional crutch while still being a horrible boyfriend. In my most recent case, I have been hanging out with a guy who comes over, runs errands with me, and picks up my phone call at any time of night. He’s also a nice guy and can somewhat get along with my friends. I was the one who caught feelings in this case and when I mentioned taking our relationship to another level he told me “I am still healing from my last relationship and just not ready.” 

Understanding he needed more time, I backed off, but he began to be more flirtatious and came over to hang out and we even introduced him to our apartment dog (which is huge because he does not like boys!). I was utterly confused, so I brought it up again and he totally blew me off and started making fun of me for having a crush on him! I was upset and still very confused. I had been talking to this guy for over 6 months and helped him after his breakup and somehow I was the one who was the idiot for liking him. I had become this guy’s emotional support person and he could vent and be vulnerable with me and I would give him advice and stay on the phone with him but when I wanted to let my guard down about an issue I was having he was harsh and always made fun of me. He wasn’t “just my friend,” he was like every other guy. In another scenario of “just friends”, the guy would hit on and be very flirty with me even though he had a girlfriend (who we all knew about), but he would tell us “it’s complicated.” Ladies, please beware of the girls that your man is “just friends” with because either one of them could have ulterior motives. If I was not careful, each of my situations could have very different results, but I blocked them both before it got to that point. The moral of this story is to go heavy on the block button when he asks to be “just friends.” 

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