What we can Learn from Scorpio Season

Astrology, the study of how celestial bodies affect our affairs, is an age-old practice dating back to 19th century BCE. Originally, astrology was used in making calendars, such as the ones we are used to seeing from Mesopotamia. Today, astrology has been boiled down to weekly horoscopes on the inside of Cosmopolitan magazine and this has somewhat hurt its reputation.

Astrology is much more than telling you if you should or should not send that risky text. It is about how our moods and mentality can shift depending on the season and it gives us insight on how to be our best selves. Whether or not you believe in it, by following the seasons you can often find yourself becoming more in tune with your own body and mind. Astrology has something to teach everyone, even the biggest astro-skeptics who will probably feel like Gabe from “The Office” after this article.

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Scorpio season, which is from October 23 to November 21, has been said to be a time of self reflection and recognizing toxic habits. It is a common joke on Twitter that Scorpio season is awful, and that it unapologetically beats us up.

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While this is often true, Scorpio season presents us a whole month to do some deep introspection and leaves us with the opportunity to grow from our own pain.

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As Scorpio season comes to a close, let your experiences of the past month propel you towards success in the coming months. If you struggled, identify why. If you can figure out why, then ask yourself how you can change this in the future. Ask yourself what positive changes you are making in order to live your best life.

At the end of the day, there is not a star in the sky that can make you grow as a person. Your actions are ultimately your own. Should you choose to suspend logic and indulge in astrology, you might find the guidance you need to make more positive choices in your life, or you might just find which character from Parks and Recreation you are based on your zodiac sign, thanks Buzzfeed!