What to Pack for Your Next Vacation

With summer right around the corner, we are all excited for our time off from the college stress. But with our intense focus on finals, we might forget to pack for our trips…until last minute. Chances are we are only thinking about the cute outfits we want to wear and making mental reminders not to forget toothpaste this time. If you are the kind of person to throw together a suitcase full of whatever you think you will need the literal day before you embark on a vacation (like me), keep in mind these three things you do not want to forget.

  1. 1. Sunscreen

    hand cream

    An absolute essential for me: SPF. Whether or not you “burn easily,” we are all at risk of sun damage and skin cancer. Regardless of where you are going, it is always important to protect yourself from the dangers of UV rays. I can clearly recall a time I went on a beach vacation with my family and got extremely sunburnt on the very last day we were there. Let’s just say I didn’t return to school right away.

  2. 2. A nice, dressy outfit 

    dressy attire

    Although not necessarily a necessity for vacations, I always like to bring a nice dress and a pair of heels in case my family/friends and I want to eat out at a semi-formal restaurant (usually a fancy Italian place) or go to any place we think will probably have a dress code. If you think you are planning on attending any place this this, remember to pack your favorite dress attire so you appear put-together and respectful.

  3. 3. Clean water/portable water filter 

    bubbles underwater

    Even if you know you will have access to clean water at your destination, I would suggest packing extra or a portable water filter so you can clean your own. You never know if at any point you will no longer have such access to drinkable water when on your vacation due to weather or any other form of crises, so make sure to pack a bottle or two in your suitcase (remember: not your carry-on, unless you want to be detained).