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Wellness Wednesday: How to Finish the Spring Semester Strong

Collegiettes™, spring break is now a thing of the past and the end of the year is just around the corner. You only have a few months left, which is just enough time to get the grades you’ve always wanted. Maybe at the start of the year you told yourself that you want to raise your GPA. Maybe you are just a few points off from getting your desired letter grade. There is hope for you! Here are some essential tips of how to really end this semester with the grades you want.

1. Mark your Calendar:

Since there is only about 3 months left in the semester, it shouldn’t be too hard to establish a personalized syllabus for your classes. It’s as simple as combining all of the due dates in each class and putting them on one calendar. Look at the calendar daily so that the major assignment deadlines are engrained into your memory. If you really want to prioritize, include the severity and importance of each assignment along with the amount of time it will take to complete them. This will help you to really spend time to work on the assignments with the most weight like exams, projects and presentations. Remember, you have to make sure to get every point possible it you are interested in boosting your letter grade.

2. Study Buddies:

Sometimes a class can have simple information, but the way the lectures and assignments are laid out can be difficult to understand. A study buddy or a study group can be of good use for you because they allow you to swap ideas and review information in a relaxed setting. Putting heads together can help you complete assignments quicker and perhaps resolve questions you may have about what was discussed in class.

3. Visit your Professor:

This is the most effective tip that any student should know. This is kind of like establishing accountability for your self. By visiting your professor’s office hours and explaining your goals to them you are showing them how serious of a student you are. They can also pin point key ideas to study and explain what to expect for the next exam. Professors are usually very open to helping their students succeed in their classes. Let’s face it- this is the first and hopefully only time you will be taking this class. However, your professor has likely taught it multiple times. If anyone knows how to pass this class its your professor. Just make sure that you DO NOT procrastinate and wait last minute to pay them your first visit. If anything, waiting last minute looks like you are not serious at all and that you don’t intend to put that much effort into getting a good grade.

4. USF Student Tutoring:

This is the secret weapon to getting those grades up. USF Student tutoring offers multiple services such as Online and on-campus tutoring, SMART LAB help, Writing instruction (The Writing Center), Academic coaching and Study Skill Improvement. It may be hard to believe, but of the most successful students on campus go to tutoring on a weekly basis! Tutoring gives you the opportunity of speaking with an expert on whatever subject you are having an issue with. The Study Skills improvement program can also help students who may understand the concepts taught in class but need to improve their test scores. Whatever the issue is, USF Student Tutoring has got you covered. 

Though we only have a few months left in the school year, there is still time to get focused and get on the right track. Following these steps will help in making sure have a great finish this spring!

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