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Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Habits in College

College has been known to add the Freshman 15+ and create a monstrosity of unhealthy habits that set the tone for the future. However, it does not have to be like this! Although sometimes healthy habits either seem too difficult, or too expensive, or too time-consuming, many of them are not. Listed below are six health habits that almost all college students can follow to live a healthier lifestyle.

1. Take the Stairs

Some college students are guilty of taking the elevator to the second floor, simply because it is easy. It is incredible to see how the little things add up everyday! By taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you are being active and living a healthier lifestyle.

2. Drink More Water

Most people usually wait until they are thirsty to have a drink of water, but that means that our body is already dehydrated. Water is not only vital for human survival, but it is what keeps our body running properly. Always have a bottle of water with you, and make sure that you are hydrated throughout the day.

3. Prepare Healthy Snacks

It can be so easy to give in to junk food when it is right there and you have nothing else prepared. Fruit, vegetables, whole-grain popcorn, nuts, seeds and dried fruit are just a few examples of healthy snacks that can be easily prepared ahead of time and taken on the go!

4. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential to everybody – especially college students! Often times, we do not receive a sufficient amount of sleep, and that can negatively affect our whole day. Sleep can make an impact on our attitude and grades, so it is important to aim for a good night’s sleep every night!

5. Walk or Bike Whenever Possible

If you are a college student who lives on campus, then walk or bike to get to classes and the dining hall! It is a great way to stay active and get exercise into your daily routine without realizing it.

6. Schedule Time to Exercise

We make the excuse of not having enough time to exercise all of the time. Scheduling time for regular exercise will make you realize that you do have time, and it will help you get into the routine of exercising on a weekly basis.

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