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To me, astrology is like soup. A bunch of things come together to create something very magical: you. You may be under the assumption that astrology is primitive, and that planets can’t possibly dictate who we are as people. And that’s fair… as long as you can say you’ve done your research!

The “Big Three” that you may have noticed here and there on Instagram and Twitter pages/posts are known as the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. You should know that these are not the only important ones, but beginners usually start with them. So, without further ado, if you are open to learning more about astrology, but have no idea where to start, this is the article for you!

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The Sun Sign: Your sun sign is viewed as your “essence” or your personality. Horoscopes are typically based around this sign. It changes every month or so, so anyone born in January, for example, is either a Capricorn or an Aquarius!

The Moon Sign: To put it simply, your moon sign represents your inner self. If you have never felt like your sun sign makes much sense, it could be because your moon is not compatible with your sun. This does not make you a contradiction. It may just mean that it’s a little bit of a challenge for people to understand the real you.

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The Rising Sign: How people tend to see you is determined by your Ascendant, or your rising sign. If all the world’s a stage, then your rising sign is your mask. Maybe friends often tell you, “You know, now that I’m getting to know you, I realize you’re a lot different from how I thought you were when we first met.” This could be because of your rising sign! This sign changes every few hours, so two people born on the same day five hours apart could seem very different from each other.

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At the end of the day, everyone is unique. Astrology is extremely complex, and I believe a lack of knowledge is why a lot of people do not necessarily believe in it. They may not feel like the one sign they know, their sun sign, represents them very well. I know tons of people who feel this way, and I can understand why. I’m an Aries sun, and I’m about as fiery as we come (exacerbated by my Scorpio Mars, which is in an entirely different ballpark). However, I have a very distinct sensitive side, due to my Pisces moon and also, I think, due to the fact that I grew up around a lot of Cancers. It’s complicated, I know. But, hey! Now you’re (hopefully) aware that astrology is not the generic nonsense some people think it is. It’s intricate.

If you’re interested in learning more about astrology, you can look up your entire birth chart on pretty much any astrology-related website, such as Cafe Astrology. Just make sure you know exactly where and when you were born! Good luck :)

Madysen Humphries is an alumnus of USF. She graduated with her B.A. in Communication and completed two minors in Linguistics and Nutrition. She loves meeting new people, spending time with her nephews, and writing. You can reach out to her through LinkedIn or at [email protected]!
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