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Your mind can truly be one of your biggest enemies. It is like this big hole that sucks up all of your problems and all of the people that keep you in the dark. As these problems seem to constantly replay in your mind you might feel as if you cannot control these thoughts, let alone the people you allow into your mental space.


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The freedom in protecting what you authorize into your life comes with life changing benefits. View your mental space as a crucial part in surviving. When you have bad company living there it can affect your perspective and your time. Allowing toxic people to consume your thoughts eventually becomes a bad habit that sometimes is not even recognizable.


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To start, challenge yourself by thinking about who and what has a stagnant pattern in your life right now. Someone or something that does not help you to grow, but makes you feel overwhelmed. List any toxic traits you have noticed in someone and truly self-reflect on what you can do to change this. These people should no longer have the opportunity to be in your life. Who you are and what you bring to the table is precious and rare. No one will experience life like you do, and anyone should be honored to be able to enter into your life.


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Self-care is not just about the shopping sprees, it is the moments where you can sit down and be completely honest with yourself. It is about who or what is consuming your mental space and getting rid of the mess. Being able to advocate for yourself and to express to others what you need from them will help you, not only in social interactions, but also in professional world. College is all about the learning experience. As students, we go through so many different roller coasters, so take this time to truly get to know who you are and what you value.

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