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Val Rossi: Meet A Her Campus Member


Born in Parana, Argentina, Val Rossi seems to always “go with the flow.” She moved to Miami during her ninth grade year, blossoming ever since. She is currently a junior, majoring in English literature. Val works the local major theme park, Busch Gardens, but her goals don’t stop there. She hopes to get a tutoring job that can possibly help her achieve her dream of someday being a high school literature teacher. If she doesn’t get a chance to do that, then Val would like to go into field of publishing, where she could read manuscripts all day. This is not surprising since she speaks Italian, Spanish and a bit of French. Her goal is to teach herself Portuguese, so she can speak every language in the Western Hemisphere.

With a full schedule on her plate, Val still manages to squeeze in a little fun. She loves to get out and rollerblade and watch movies, but she doesn’t mind staying home to write or enjoy a good book. She is attempting to learn belly dancing, in order to become an expert at hula hooping. When Val needs a little pick-me-up she watches 30 Rock. She said, “It’s hilarious, politically incorrect in every way, fun and Tina Fey is in it. That's one funny gal.” When asked what her dream car is, Val has no clue. She modestly mentions that she just want one that works, since she knows nothing about them, other than they have wheels and take people to places.

One of her closest family member is her orange cat named Simba that loves when she sings or plays the Lion King soundtrack. His song of choice from the album seems to be “Circle of Life,” because he comes running every time he hears it.  Her favorite must have item is a pair of running shoes. Val’s favorite song is “Lights Please” by J. Cole. To her, the song represents the struggle that many college kids face. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in meaningless things and lose sight of what’s really important,” says Val. Nevertheless, she lives her life by the motto “consistency is the refuge of the unimaginative,” taken from her favorite author, Oscar Wilde, who inspires her writing.

Following her motto to the fullest, Val doesn’t always do the expected. She never turns down an opportunity to have an adventure. Once, Val went to a bar to meet a friend and found herself doing far more than that. She ended up crashing a Norwegian wedding! She danced with the groom and sang karaoke with the bridesmaids all night – but it didn’t end there. The newlyweds then invited her to come visit them in Norway, because they had a free ticket. Although some people may find this strange, it all seems to be very normal for Val. She keeps a positive attitude and is up for anything. Not surprisingly, she plans on heading to Norway once she graduates and letting her dreams and openness take her where they may.

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