The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Spring Break on a Budget

Every college student is always looking for anything free or cheap. Spring break is no exception. It is the one event every college student is looking forward to throughout the spring semester to escape all the assignments, tests, projects and extracurriculars. Before the fun really begins, we have to face the dreaded packing. However, this is where college students can start to save some coin. Here is a composed list of economical packing tips.

  1. 1. Carry on

    In any air travel, having a carry on rather than checking a bag can save lots of money. Consider purchasing a suitcase that may be a little smaller in size but fits in the overhead compartment. The average dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9 inches by 22 inches. While purchasing a new suitcase may seem like a bit of a splurge, you’ll still save more if you do not check your bag.

    What to pack in your carry on:

    Portable charger for cell phone/laptop/kindle

    ID, Passport, in convenient plastic bag


    Gum for ear popping


    Water bottle


    man with suitcase walking in sunset
  2. 2. Toiletries

    Life hack: Often times smaller travel-sized toiletries are cheaper when purchased. Consider taking a trip to a local dollar store to buy essential toiletries. In addition, if you have products you have already purchased but are too large to pass through TSA, there are plastic to-go containers available for purchase online.

    What toiletries to pack:



    Feminine products


    Birth control


    Hairstyling tools

    Toothbrush and toothpaste

  3. 3. Clothing


    Often times spring break outfits are rarely used again. If you’re traveling to a colder place, check out thrift stores for heavy jackets. The same works if you’re traveling to a tropical climate. Thrift stores have all types of clothing available all year round. 

    Essentials to pack:



    Favorite jeans

    Tennis shoes


    Unlimited amounts of underwear