TV Tuesday: Study Break

With finals in full force, you might forget that it’s healthy to take a break! According to MIT, the best ratio of study to break time is 50:10 minutes. While this is ideal for most of your studying, why not take some time in between especially grueling study sessions for a great TV show?



While the season four has just begun, you could use your study break to start up on Game of Thrones if you aren’t already caught up. It might be the perfect show to take you out of the harsh reality of finals week!



Far from the fantasy of Game of Thrones, you could always fall back on the classics. Friends is a great way to let off some steam with laughter! Whether you start from the beginning or jump right in, it’s sure to be a great break from the tediousness of studying.


Hopefully your studies are going well Collegiettes™, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself too. Happy finals!