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TV Tuesday: The Simpsons Celebrates 25 Years

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

The Simpsons, the longest running American sitcom, celebrated its 25th season this year! In addition to a 12 day marathon on FXX, one of Fox’s secondary channels, the hit TV show got it’s own line at MAC cosmetics! The line focused on Marge, Homer Simpson’s loving wife, and contained two lip glosses (one of which is a shocking yellow), two eyeshadow palettes, a set of nail stickers, blushes, and a pair of lashes. 


Unlike some of its followers, The Simpsons seems to be going strong 25 years after it’s premiere in 1989. The show has never faltered, while shows like Futurama and Family Guy have had at least one cancelation. The great thing about The Simpsons is its ability to comment on pop culture and poplar issues through a lens of comedy and satire without being raunchy or going overboard like Family Guy sometimes can. Homer Simpson, while not always making the best dessions when it comes to raising his kids, is a loyal, loving husband who always makes things right in the end.

I remember watching The Simpsons when my parents weren’t looking as a kid and not really understanding what was so great about it. I thought all cartoons needed to be funny (think a six or seven year old), but thanks to the mega marathon FXX hosted, I started from episode one and tried my hardest to watch as many days as I could. Many of the jokes went over my head as a kid, but even the older episodes were hilarious! 

If you missed out on the 12 days of Simpsons marathon, you are not out of luck! You can watch select episodes on the Simpsons site, Netflix DVD subscription service, and Hulu if you don’t have the FXX channel. One great way to destress is to laugh, and let me tell you, The Simpsons will have you laughing Collegiettes!

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