TV Tuesday: Doctor Who Season 8 Recap

Hello Fellow Whovians!

Can you believe season 8 of Doctor Who is already 5, almost 6 weeks in? I swear it was yesterday when I was watching Matt Smith convince Miss Clara Oswin Oswald over the phone that The Doctor was still The Doctor (and cried like a baby). Think about it: that particular Doctor’s entire friendship with Clara began with a phone call and ended with a phone call (kinda).

Oh! We can’t forget the awesome new title sequence!

What about these guys?! We’ve seen them before, looking for “The Promised Land.”

Eventually, he found it and Mary Poppins. I mean Missy...

We’ve gone through so many seasons and we’re finally seeing what the inside of a Dalek consists of.

Last week The Doctor let Clara choose anywhere in the universe at any given moment and of course she chose to see her childhood fancy, Robin Hood in his natural habitat. Just look how giddy she is!

It was funny to see The Doctor and Robin Hood interact with each other. Despite everything he’s seen, he couldn’t believe that Robin Hood was an actual person.

The creepy episode the other week made me even more aware of what was under my bed the entire night. Not to mention the figure under the blanket that was standing on top of the bed, motionless, almost made me jump out of my own skin.

Those legs belong to a young, future Time Lord we know as The Doctor. The Impossible Girl strikes again!

Saturday’s episode was suspenseful as well, especially when Clara almost got her memory wiped. The best moment though, was when that clever boy put it all together and figured it out. Yet again, The Doctor’s big heart saved innocent lives!

So what’s the significance of “Paradise?!” Who is this “Missy?!” What’s the meaning behind seeing Peter Capaldi’s face in Pompeii?! When will the agony of not knowing end?!

I guess we’ll just have to sit tight and tune in on Saturday’s at 9 p.m. on BBC America for it all to unwind.

In the meantime, did I miss anything? What are your thoughts about the new face of the Doctor? What have you liked most about season 8? Do you think it’ll work out between Oswald and Pink? Do you think we’ll be seeing River Song anytime soon?

Let us know in a comment below!


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