TV Tuesday: Doctor Who Half Season Finale

Surprisingly, it’s already that time when season finales (or should I say half season finales) begin to arrive. Over the weekend, several Whovians were upset yet satisfied with the cliffhangers Moffitt decided to leave us with in the episode “Death In Heaven”. So let’s take some time to revisit the events that took place in this episode and the pieces of the puzzle we filled in.

Can we please appreciate Miss Clara Oswin Oswald still claiming she’s The Doctor? I get a kick out of it each time she says it. It’s hilarious, but legitimate. Clever Clara is probably the only companion The Doctor has had that could completely pull it off. Either that, or she gets away with it because she’s the Impossible Girl.

We saw some very familiar faces we haven’t seen in quite some time. Including UNIT and even Osgood (may she rest in peace). So many of us took to Twitter to express our love for Osgood as she channeled her inner 11th Doctor as she sported a maroon bowtie and even told The Doctor “bowties are cool”. I’m not sure about you, but those few words pulled on my heartstrings and I slightly felt a pang of pain as I thought of the beloved fish fingers and custard loving Doctor. Before Missy killed Osgood, we’d all so desperately hoped she’d become the next companion, obviously that’s when our hearts initially started breaking.

In addition, we find out Missy is actually The Master regenerated. How creepy was that? Not in a "omg he’s a woman" now way but in a "omg I didn’t know you were still around" way. It never occurred to me that The Master would regenerate being a Time Lord and all. I don’t know about you but I’m so used to The Doctor being the only one to regenerate and that never truly dies. However, it was an excellent twist, and we found out who was trying to keep The Doctor and Clara together since the first instant they met all the way to the first episode of this season and on.

Things got a little too crazy when the whole "cybermen seedlings were falling from the clouds". If that’s so, then where is Rory and Amelia Pond!?

Moving on, we felt so sorry for Clara when she found Danny to be a Cyberman. It was extremely depressing when he practically told her to take the pain he was feeling away by completely ending his existence. At least the Cybermen part of him didn’t attack either Clara or The Doctor, and Danny prevailed through it all.

Finally, at the ending Danny has the opportunity to come back from the dead and live happily ever after with his lover, Clara. But instead him deciding to be selfless and give the boy he accidently killed in war a second chance at life was beautiful and heart wrenching all at the same time. Then Clara lies to The Doctor’s face about Danny being alive and well. I can’t figure out why she would lie about it. Why not just tell The Doctor of Danny’s sweet act of kindness?

For the most part, I thought it was a pretty good episode. Lots of suspense, and emotion went into the finale, which makes me wonder when we won’t be seeing anymore Clara. I really liked her in the beginning, but I think it may be her time to move on.

What do you think - Will the Christmas special be Clara’s last hurrah? As for Missy being The Master, did you predict that? Why do you think Clara lied about Danny being alive?

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