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Travel Blog: Adventures in Argentina

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Hi collegiettes™! My name is Ayla Horan and I am a HC member studying abroad for the summer in Argentina.  

I have spent seven days here so far. Seven down – 35 to go. Where is here exactly? No other than Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city in Argentina. I am blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in this beautiful city, taking two classes toward my Spanish major. My classes start on Monday and I have spent this past week solely being a tourist until the work begins. In honor of the seven days I’ve been here, I’m going to write about seven different aspects of my new home! Some things I was expecting… and not expecting. 

1. The Weather:  Maybe I was being too hopeful when packing for my study abroad trip. I was told it was going to be chillier than our perfect Sunshine State. It is winter here, but I still packed a couple pairs of shorts and more than a few sundresses. A cardigan to throw over the sundress would look cute and protect me from any chill–right? Wrong! The weather here has been very chilly (and I’m from New Jersey so I’ve experienced the cold), and I must wear pants, a jacket, and boots whenever I leave my apartment.

2. The Housing: As I mentioned above, I am staying in an apartment. There’s always a friendly guard who lets me in and out of the apartment, greeting me with “Hola, qué tal?” I then enter the smallest elevator you have ever seen, and it takes me up to the 3rd floor. My apartment is like the elevator– small. It’s similar to a studio apartment; I have a two burner gas stove, a mini fridge and a microwave. There is a table where I can eat, a couch and two beds for my soon to arrive roommate. My favorite part is the patio!

View from the patio 

Kitchen and dining area.


3. The Nightlife: The nightlife of Buenos Aires requires you take a nap during the day, for you are not going to be heading out until at least midnight. Many restaurants don’t open up until 7 p.m. and clubs open at 12 a.m. Club Caix doesn’t open until 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings for those who want to keep the party going. For those of you choosing to ever come to Buenos Aires, here is a list of places to go to depending on which day of the week. I’ve only experienced Cuba de Asia and it was quite different than I expected. The music was all American techno remixes from the 70’s and 80’s. I’ve been looking for a place to enjoy and dance to Spanish music, but no luck so far!

4. The Food: Given that I am a vegetarian, I am struggling with the food here. Argentina is known for their steak, something that I will have to miss out on. However, I think Buenos Aires should be known for their pizza. There are pizza places on every street and thankfully each slice or “porción” is about 11 pesos which is about $1.50 in the U.S. Be warned: the pizza is overloaded and dripping with cheese! Along with all the pizzerias, there are bakeries on every corner oozing with the most scrumptious looking desserts! Another favorite on every menu here is café con leche with a side of medialunas (croissants) for only 20 pesos.

Café con leche with a side of medialunas


5. The accent: The woman who owns my apartment asked me what I’m studying here and I replied, “Spanish.” She answered with, “You mean Castellano?” This quickly made me realize my ability to learn and adapt was going to be put to the test. When you’re saying “I” in Spanish, it translates to “yo,” and the Spanish “ll” is pronounced as a “y” in English. However, in Argentina this does not apply. Instead of pronouncing “yo” they say “show” and instead of “lle-var” they say “shay-var.” The people of Argentina sound like they’re singing when they talk. They speak so fluently and elegantly, but the accent is so hard to understand for me. I hope I pick it up over the next 5 weeks!

6. The Street Art: Take a stroll around any part of Buenos Aires and you will be indulged in the culture through art. Whether it be statues, graffiti, or painted benches and walls, you will have vibrance added to your life. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

7. Fuerza Bruta: Fuerza Bruta is the most intense show I’ve ever experienced. This postmodern theatre show collides dreams with reality. You are absorbed into the struggle of the characters and amazed at the sights, sounds and beats. The audience interacts with the company by handling props, moving when the stage moves, breaking things with the actors, jumping up and down with the DJ, or being the lucky guest who gets to “fly” with the actor who is suspended from the ceiling. As everyone is enjoying themselves and dancing, the show is finished off by simulating rain at the front of the crowd, where courageous spectators run and start to rave in the rain. This experience cannot be summed up in words, but I invite you to watch a trailer here!

I can’t wait to update you all next week with what is happening on this side of the world!

Ayla Horan is a Spanish and International Studies major at the University of South Florida. She is the current Vice President and Public Relations Chair for the Beta Gamma Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. She also represents the study abroad community by serving as a GloBull Ambassador. She loves to travel and doing anything outdoors. In the future she hopes to attend law school and become an immigration lawyer. Her long term goal is to open up a school in Latin America.
Justine is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida. She received her B.A. in mass communcations in spring 2014. She was the 2013-2014 Campus Correspondent for Her Campus USF.She was also a News & Feature Writing Intern for College of Arts and Sciences and the Public Relations Campus Rep for Rent the Runway at USF. She is currently seeking agency experience and would love to someday work for a magazine, become a novelist, poet, editor, host of a Travel Channel show and much more.  She enjoys writing about fashion, beauty, art, literature, pop culture and student life. She spends most days listening to Lana del Rey, calming her nerves with various types of cheese, being sassy and trying to figure out when she can take a nap.Check out her website and portfolio here.She'd love you forever, if you followed her on Twitter @tinafigs_.Contact Justine regarding business inquires only at justinefigueroa@hercampus.com.