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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Want to travel the world, but are a broke college student? Check out  these tips to see the world on a budget.


1.Travel Light!

Flights can be expensive! Especially when each bag cost $50 extra, you could ended up saving $100 in baggage alone if you just stick to one carry on bag. Sounds impossible? It’s not! Backpackers can wear the same clothes for days! Just make sure to pack plenty of underwear.



2. Seriously look into your flight

Flying out of a small town? Why not take a $10 bus ride to your closest big city like Atlanta or Orlando to get the cheaper flight! You can save $100 of dollars, especially on your return flight home. If it’s cheaper to fly out of the Dublin airport then the London airport, find out how much it costs to get to Dublin! Flying around Europe is super cheap, it could save you a couple of bucks in the long run, and plus you get to explore a new place! Also plan your trips around weekdays, the cheapest flights are known to fly out on Tuesdays! Need advice for a website to use? Check out this site that shows your what deals are happening around the world, and can save you tons!


3. Skip the Hotels, and stay in Hostels, Campsites or Guesthomes

Hostels are a super cheap and trendy way to stay in foreign countries. Some Hostel can get as cheap at $18 dollars a night while hotels can cost you hundreds. They are also super friendly to young travelers, and if you are going solo you might even find a travel buddy! If you are worried about safety make sure you look at the Hostel review online. Check out the top hostels in the world (http://www.hostelworld.com/hoscars) rated by the Hoscars!  If you want an even cheaper place to stay carrier your shelter on your back! Find a place that rents tents, or buy one for the same price as 1 night in a hotel ($200 – $300) Lots of countries have campsite located in or right outside their major cities.

4. Booking ahead is not always the best deal

Not only does booking ahead give you less flexibility on your spontaneous adventure, but sometimes when you stay at guest homes, or try and do a local tour you can negotiate a price on the stop, and save some serious cash! Try booking one night a guest home, and see if they’ll give you the next couple nights at a way cheaper price!


5. Skip the guided tours, and go on your own adventure

Going to an amazing city with lots of history? Skip those walking or bus tours, and create your own to save some money! Read some books on the rich history that is surrounding you, or put together your own facts for the historic tour! There are also tons of tourist books that have all the information you need on a city, and it’s history that are way cheaper than a guided tour.


6. Bring your own food

Backpacking stove can be as cheap as $10 and if you are really trying to save money, ramen is even cheaper. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a country’s amazing food it has to offer! Eating locally is one of the best experiences of traveling, but maybe it doesn’t have to be every meal. Save money on breakfast with cereal, and then treat yourself to that 4 course Thai dinner. 

7. Nature is always free

One of the coolest things about nature is that it’s 100% free! So bring you beach towel and go to the beach in Hawaii, or bike next to a volcano in Iceland, or backpack in the Highlands of Scotland! A trip to the famous Blue lagoon in Iceland can up to $300! But a bus to the natural hot springs at the base of the Landmannalaugar trail in Iceland is only $17 from the capital. And while the blue lagoon has a view of a factory, the natural spring has an amazing view of mountains you see above!


Remember that wherever you go you are a guest, so respect the cultural and people while abroad. Be sure to learn about ecotourism before you book your flight, and make sure you are respecting the place, people, and environment of the country you are visiting.   And if you are going camping be sure you follow Leave No Trace principles, to make sure that after you leave others will get to experience the same beauty that you did.

Happy Travels! 

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