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Throwback Thursday: Then and Now Fashion Trends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

In the last several years, many throwback styles and trends from the past suddenly became fresh and chic again in today’s fashion and beauty industries.When exploring the historic roots of today’s current looks, it’s easy to see why we are inspired by eras before us. Modern twists update the look, making it easier than ever to channel these iconic styles.

Go Grunge

Every fall, it seems like everyone can’t wait to break out their cozy plaid flannels and combat boots. These pieces have been staples since the grunge style from the 1990’s. Throughout 2014, we saw the incorporation of overalls, brown lipstick, and choker necklaces, all borrowed from this aesthetic. Other mainstream 90’s comebacks that celebs have taken note of  include crazy, colorful patterns in all-over prints and high-cut leotards.

Then and Now: Lana del Rey channels the models 90’s grunge style with plaid and vintage tee.  

Then and Now: Beyonce’s bejeweled leotard is reminiscent of the ensemble in this Versace advertisement.

Fabulous 50’s

The fifties aesthetic was one of girly silhouettes, doo-wop, and Hollywood glamour. In the 2000’s, fashionistas flirted with fuller skirts, bright separates, and classic looks. Spanning decades, these styles could hardly be called a “trend” due to their apparent timelessness.  

Then and Now: Elizabeth Taylor rocks an embroidered halter dress with dainty heels, while Ariana Grande puts a modern twist on the classic mid-calf silhouette in her satin Dolce and Gabbana dress.

Sweet 60’s

Shift dresses, tall boots, fan-like lashes and graphic eyeliner are all sixties-style trends that have come back around in our looks today.  Classic but with a mod edge, it’s no surprise that the fashion and beauty industries have been inspired by these looks.

Then and Now: Twiggy’s iconic doe-eyed look continues to inspire.  Cara Delevingne walks the runway sporting bold lower lashes and graphic eyeliner.

When it comes to today’s fashion and beauty climate, never be afraid to look to the past.  A throwback favorite could easily become the hottest not-so-new trend.  

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