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Throwback Thursday: Platform Shoes

Let’s talk about platform shoes, collegiettes™!

Platfom shoes are a fad you’ve seen before. Whether they come as a slip on, pump or platform, shoes with a chunky heel can be seen in many retail stores these days. However, this is not a new trend. History always repeats itself and the original debut of these funky kicks occurred decades ago. Actually, the noted Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo created one of the first wedge shoes in 1936! He is famous for several innovative shoes designs, including the modernization of the platform pump shown here.

Nonetheless, it was not until the 1960s and 1970s that you see the popularity of the platform reaching a larger scale. The women in this era found it favorable to embrace the empowering feeling of height, although the shoes were equally popular with men!

Yes, wedge heels and platform pumps were essential to a classic 70’s repertoire. They were funky, flashy, vibrant, and mostly made with a cork sole. This was quite the trend up until the mid 70’s when their popularity plummeted.

For some reason, platforms just keep on kicking (no pun intended). They came back first in the 90’s. The Spice Girls were often seen rocking sky-high pumps. However, you might agree that they wore platforms as more of a statement or a performance piece. 

Nowadays, the platforms are not the same as platforms seen back in the day. They are made to be much more subtle and chic. Sometimes, they are so minor that retailers won’t use the name “platform” but rather “chunky sandals”. In spite of all of the name changing, it is obvious where the inspiration for these new shoes came from.

Recent designs tend to have a more conservative approach and just give off a platform feel where the heel is not as pronounced because it spreads out through the sole of the shoe. In other designs, the shoe might have one big heel that is like a tall, classy clog. The practicality of these shoes is what makes them so popular. The height of the heel can make an outfit classy, but the width of it keeps things casual and comfortable.

This most recent fall, they were introduced as boots. They were designed like any standard bootie, but the heel was wide and pronounced. They can be worn with simple jeans, a long skirt or a leather jacket.

For spring 2015, you may see platforms with the same idea, except with an open heel or an open toe. These can be paired with a flowy skirt of any length. They can also be worn with leggings, and even shorts.

There are many different trends bouncing around this year, but many can be described as minimalistic. Platform shoes are a major component of the minimalistic trend because they aren’t made as flashy as in the past. Try turning up your look this year with a pair of platforms, collegiettes™!

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