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Throwback Thursday: Mean Girls Memories

Isn’t it crazy to think that some of our favorite movies came out years ago, when it feels like we were watching them for the first time yesterday? Mean Girls was released in 2004, and it recently passed the 10 year anniversary of its original debut. Originally not predicted to be a huge success, Mean Girls absolutely swept the nation and is definitely an old-time classic chick flick for millennial movie-goers.

Also, it is now known as one of the most quotable movies of all time and many fans can quote the entire movie. It is simply one of those movies that a lot of people could watch over and over again, year after year, and never truly get sick of. In case you did not grow up with Mean Girls, or you never cared to watch it in the past, here is a brief synopsis of the famous film.

Cady Heron is a brand-new student at North Shore High School in Evanston, Illinois, after living for the past 12 years in Africa. She was always homeschooled by her parents, therefore she has never been to an actual public school before, but makes friends fairly quickly with two students named Janis Ian and Damian. Cady was called over by a group of materialistic, superficial girls nicknamed The Plastics during lunch one day and went over to talk to them.

While Cady believes that these are sweet girls, Janis and Damian convince her that they are terrible people and that she should pretend to be friends with them simply to ruin their lives. Initially, Cady finds it strange to pretend to be a member of The Plastics, but as time goes on she begins to pretend less and less.

She begins crushing hard on this boy in her calculus class named Aaron Samuels, but he is Queen Bee Regina George’s ex-boyfriend and therefore off-limits, especially after getting back together with Regina. Eventually, Cady actually does become one of them adapting their negative and superior attitudes.

Janis and Damian decide that they do not want anything to do with her anymore, which helps Cady realize that she really has become somebody that she is not proud of. Furthermore, she is trying to manipulate Aaron into dating her right after breaking up with Regina, who has fallen off of her throne, leaving Cady as the Queen Bee.

In the end, Cady apologizes to Janis and Damian for betraying them and they accept her apology, reuniting in best friendship. Cady and Aaron finally get together in the end (what is a good rom-com without the couple getting together in the end, right?) during their Spring Fling dance. The Plastics are no longer together and there is no longer one group of girls tearing everybody else down.

Instead, there is a mutual feeling of respect, understanding, and friendship amongst all young women on campus. Sure, not all lessons from Mean Girls are practical or realistic, but it is a fan favorite and will always be a classic modern rom-com in our book.

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