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“So no one told you life was going to be this way “clap clap clap clap!” We all know that famous first line of the theme song for Friends. The show has been off the air for almost 10 years (as of May 6th to be exact). It’s one of those shows that young people are discovering for the first time thanks to syndication from channels like Nick at Nite, CW, and TBS. Our generation literally grew up watching Friends, most times we had no idea what some of the storylines even meant when they first aired. In case you haven’t watched it, it showcases a group of six twenty-somethings living in New York City and going through the process of adulthood. From watching Rachel learn how to be on her own to Ross going through three divorces and to even watching Monica and Chandler fall in love, there were so many great moments Friends had to offer. So with that 10 year anniversary of the series finale approaching I decided to compile a list of my favorite moments and maybe even beg for a reunion special… But before I do that here are my 10 favorite moments from Friends.

1.       PIVATTTTT!!!!

This comes from an episode when Ross bought a couch but didn’t want to pay to have it delivered. Of course his building didn’t have an elevator so he had to try and move it up a few flights of stairs that maybe couldn’t handle the size of the couch. I won’t spoil it for you but Rachel and Chandler make a hilarious attempt to move the couch up the stairs. And yes this scene still makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

2.       The Cheesecake

This episode involves Rachel and Chandler continually finding (and sometimes even stealing) a delicious cheesecake that is meant for one of their neighbors. In total they get about three cheesecakes and eventually it turns into a cheesecake war. The video shows all the different scenes involving this infamous cheesecake.

3.       Ross and Rachel’s First Kiss

This scene still gives me chills every time. I love the storyline of Ross and Rachel, and finally seeing them get together (for the first time) is the most amazing thing. If you know the show you know that they broke our hearts several times with splitting Ross and Rachel up. But we don’t like to talk about those moments because their first kiss outweighs all of those sad breakups. The moment of the actual kiss is pretty incredible so if you haven’t watched it or just want to see it again click the link above for the video.

4.       Monica and Chandler become a legitimate couple to the whole group

I honestly love any scene that involves Chandler. He’s always involved in some hilarious yet awkward situation, which brings us to the moment the whole gang finds out about him and Monica being a couple. For months Monica and Chandler kept their relationship a secret from everyone, but of course slowly but surely the group started finding out. Once Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey found out they played a sting operation to get them to admit it. If I had to narrow this list down to my top five this moment would make it because of how good it is.

5.       Joey’s Kidney Stones

This is from the same episode where Phoebe is giving birth to her brother’s triplets (don’t freak out, she was a surrogate for him and his wife). Joey starts having what they originally think are sympathy pains but we later find out it’s much more than that. The scene where he has to pass the kidney stones makes for hilarious TV. Enjoy!

6.       Ross’s Bagpipes

In this scene Ross plays his new bagpipes for the group in hopes to play at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. It makes for a funny situation because Phoebe decides to sing along to the tune he’s playing. You can even see Jennifer Aniston trying to hold in laughter, which makes it that much funnier.

7.       Monica and Chandler Get Married

Seeing Monica and Chandler finally get married is a very special moment in the series. Joey became an ordained minister just for the occasion. And of course Joey got stuck at an acting job and was finally able to make it just in time in his full costume. But of course the most important part of the scene is when Monica and Chandler become official as husband and wife.

8.       Rachel Has Ross’s Baby

Rachel and Ross couldn’t be more perfect for each other but of course neither of them see it so the universe tries to tell them with an unplanned pregnancy. This scene shows Rachel giving birth with Ross by her side. It’s probably one of the funniest birthing scenes on TV so it’s definitely worth watching.

9.       The Trivia Game

Ross facilitates a trivia game between Chandler and Joey on one team and Rachel and Monica on the other team. The prize if the boys win is that they get to switch apartments with the girls. Obviously a lot is at stake, which causes a hilarious Monica freak out. We find out a lot interesting facts about the four of them. Go ahead and watch the clip to find out!

10.   I Got Off The Plane

I couldn’t complete this list without the most amazing scene in the whole series. It’s the series finale episode and of course Ross and Rachel have drama all over again. Ross decides to chase after Rachel the night she’s leaving for Paris for a new job. She rejects him but then she calls him and leaves a voicemail and decides she has to get off the plane. We’re left hanging for a few seconds to find out if she really did in fact get off the plane. It’s really just the best moment of the whole series.

There you have it! I’m not going to lie figuring out ten of my favorite moments was difficult because I honestly love every moment of Friends. This list was in no specific order and if I were to make another list a week from now it would probably be totally different. But that’s the beauty of Friends, the show is still relevant to this day and it still makes people laugh each time they watch it. I’m part of the group of fans that is constantly hoping for a reunion special, so maybe one day it will happen. But until then we can continue to watch and fall in love all over again with everyone’s favorite New Yorkers.

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