Three Cozy Gifts Perfect for the Holidays

Now that October has ended, it is time to make way for the Christmas season! I’m the type of person to start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. I know what you’re thinking: “But what about Thanksgiving? Everyone, including you, seem to completely skip right over it!” 

Well, as delicious as it may be, Thanksgiving just doesn’t cut it in terms of favorite holidays. No matter what you celebrate at the end of the year, you probably need to start scoping out items to gift to your friends and family. Even if you live in sunny Florida, where it barely ever gets below 60 degrees, we can still pretend to partake in the coziness that is the winter season. If you are in need of some seasonal gifts, get inspired by the suggestions below!

  1. 1. Knitted Throw Blanket

    If we are lucky enough, us Floridians might get chilly weather this Christmas! If so, we will need to curl up with a nice, big blanket that is perfect for snuggling by a fire. A knitted throw blanket is a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing piece that can be used as both home décor and bedding. I always enjoy receiving blankets because they are stylish and convenient. Whenever I have friends spend the night, I always have an extra blanket for them to use.

  2. 2. Thick and Fuzzy Socks

    I used to hate receiving socks for Christmas. But now, with an extensive sock collection, I get excited when opening a new pair. Soft and fuzzy socks are perfect for this time of the year because they’re not only festive, but also very functional. They keep you warm and relaxed while you kick back with a mug of hot cocoa and a classic Christmas movie (might I recommend my personal favorite, “The Year Without a Santa Claus”).They also pair perfectly with winter boots!

  3. 3. Fluffy Sweaters

    If only I could wear sweaters year-round! They are one of my favorite articles of clothing because it’s like wearing a big hug! They are super cute and super comfortable. You can wear them out and feel well-dressed with such a simple piece. If you want to give a friend something they can definitely use while the temperatures are dropping, considering picking them up a fluffy, cozy sweater!