Things We Forget To Be Thankful For


1. Your siblings


Since I left for college, I have actually gotten closer to my younger brother. We talk almost every day and although he still annoys me, he’s the first person I want to see when I get home.  


2. Your friends


They’re so much more than just people you gossip with. They’re your support system and your family when you’re away from your family.


3. Education


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that college is now more of a luxury. Not everyone is able to afford or achieve a higher education.   


4. Florida weather


We live in Florida! Yeah, the weather can be pretty abnormal at times but at least, we don’t have to worry about walking to class in 4 feet of snow.


5. Having a home to go to during break

To many, going home for winter break is normal. However, many international students are simply unable to go home for breaks because of the cost.


6. Care Packages


No feeling can compare to opening up your first care package and diving into your favorite snacks and reading cards from your family.