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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

The Spring is here! We are finally getting a taste of the summer sun, but not with all the heat…yet. The spring is a time for rejuvenation, rebirth! All the pretty flowers are blooming so why shouldn’t your space also bloom?

I am someone that loves things, just anything really, so it is super important for me to clean and try my best at decluttering. So if you have some time this spring season I highly encourage you t9 clean your space, rejuvenate it, give it some love. 

Here are my tips in doing so:

Get rid of things you don’t use

I know, I know it’s easier said than done but trust me once you start getting rid of the things that you don’t use your space is going to feel so much lighter. just go section by section, so your closet, your bathroom, your different living spaces just take out the things that you don’t use anymore. Either put them away if it’s something you use in another season or give it to a friend or donate it to a local thrift shop or shelter. Trust me if you haven’t worn that one shirt or looked at that one book in more than two months you’re not gonna look at it. Besides, someone else might really need or love that thing you’re getting rid of. Take your time, plan for one living space at a time and start decluttering. 

Actually clean, lift up that rug!

I know some of us have not deep-cleaned in a while. Take this time to actually lift up your rug and CLEAN. You’ll sleep better knowing there aren’t dust mites gathering underneath your couch.


After you’ve decluttered and cleaned. Organize your items! Buy the drawer organizers, the hangers, the cubbies…all of it. It’ll really help having a space for everything because whatever doesn’t have a space means that you probably don’t need it. It also helps because at the time of cleaning and tidying up, you know exactly where things go, instead of shoving it in a drawer of miscellaneous things that you won’t address in years.

What do you want for your space?

How do you want your space to look and feel? Look up inspo, visualize and take notes. Work towards this goal slowly! No rush at all. Having a space you love will make coming home a happy and pleasant experience, not only that but it can really turn into a sanctuary for you, a space of calm, recharge and comfort.

Plan for it

Now that you have taken notes on what you want for yourself and your space. Make a priority list of the things you need to get in order to make this vision come to life! Any time you get extra cash or someone offers you an item for free take a look at your list and see if those things fall under the listed items. You’ll avoid cluttering your space once again and making unnecessary purchases.

Alondra is a bright, smiley, cow-loving student majoring in Psychology and minoring in both biology and philosophy. She is also a pharmacy technician and hopes to one day become a doctor. On her day to day she is running from one place to another and being vocal about her activism. Alondra tends to be a busy bee and also a social butterfly. When she's not busy you will find her in a hammock and hanging out with her friends or family. She is also a proud puertorican, a libra , a Halloween fanatic and a mom to a lovely pitbull mix named Bella Rose