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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Spring Break will be upon us very soon and when you’re in college, your expectations when getting time from school are higher than ever. You’re still so young and have a lot of energy to burn by visiting new and adventurous places. Not everyone is able to have the luxury of traveling out of state or country; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun spring break. 

As a third year student at the University of South Florida, it’s easy to get caught up hustling in school, work, and internships. You think that you’re going to explore the new city’s features once you move here but life always has its way of leaving you empty handed. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you’re not taking a trip to Mexico or the Bahamas, remember that Tampa is one of the newest and fastest growing cities full of exciting events and beautiful  scenery for all ages. 

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First off, agreeing that mainly all college students have a low budget in mind when traveling will lead me to my most budget friendly/free activities to do this March 2023 for spring break. The most local activity to do right near USF is to go to USF’s Riverfront park where you can rent a kayak/paddleboard for $5 (sometimes free if you sign up in advance). You can spend the day out in the river with wildlife then go for a picnic after you’re tired out. Other outdoor activities that are cost free/low cost are taking a day trip to a nearby beach or spring for a fresh swim and sun. Some of my favorites are Indian Rocks Beaches (45 min drive), Honeymoon Island Beach (1 hour drive), and Weeki Wachee (1 hour drive). If you’re looking for more of a chill indoor activity try going to a museum like the Henry B. Plant Museum ($9) or the Dali Museum in St.Petersburg ($20). 

Besides what is already in Tampa, some events you just can’t do at any time of the year. On the second Sunday of every month, Armature Works at the Heights holds their monthly Art walk & Vendor Fair open to the public for free. An absolute must do event happening in March is the Annual Strawberry festival ($10+) held in Plant City that combines the fair with strawberries in the best way possible. If you have a larger budget you can look into some festivals, the Innings Festival concert in Raymond James Stadium is happening March 16th (100+) and the Reggae RIse up Festival in St. Petersburg during March 16th-19th ($70+). 

Whether it be searching for gators in the river or losing your voice at a music festival, there truly is something for anyone to do in the Tampa Bay area.  It can be spent with friends, family, or even just some quality time alone, nevertheless you definitely will find an activity to enjoy this Spring Break. Don’t forget to stay safe, watch your surroundings, and most importantly, enjoy the moment as it’s presented to you 

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