Spoiler: Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Drops


If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then you’ve probably have already seen the amazing sigil teaser trailer that HBO dropped on March 9th.

Ok so let’s break it down. The teaser opens with a Dragon statue, representing none other than the sigil of house Targaryen. The last time we saw Daenerys she was sailing to Westeros with possibly the biggest army that the world has ever seen. The Second Sons, the Unsullied, and the entire Khalasar. Tyrion of House Lannister stood by her side.

The clip then shows the sigil, a stag, of House Baratheon attacking the dragon with its horns. This is more than appropriate since King Robert slaughtered almost every Targaryen after he took the throne from the Mad King.

The scene then reminds us of how no one is safe in the Game of Thrones. They show the lion, sigil of House Lannister, attacking the stag. This is representing that King Robert’s children, heirs to the throne, were all bastards children conceived on incest, which resulted in no true born Baratheon ruled after King Robert’s death (as of now. . .).

We then see the sigil of House Greyjoy, a squid, wrapping itself around the sigil of House Stark. This is representing the betrayal of Theon Greyjoy, who took castle black while Rob was off fighting the war, that ultimately lead to the fall of Winterfell under House Stark’s rule.

When then see the vines of the rose representing House Tyrell. As they are slowly wrapping themselves around the lion’s paws, we are shown flashes of green light representing the  Wildfire Circe used to wipe out the entire Tyrell’s lineage. The bad news is this caused Circe’s last living child, Tommen, to kill himself over the loss of his wife, making Circe Queen of the 7 kingdoms. 

As Daenerys begins to deliver her famous speech about the great houses being spokes on a wheel crushing those on the ground, the scene begins to turn cold, and we are reminded of who the true enemy is for all of the houses.

As the snow appears more visible the scene zooms out to relieves a familiar icy blue eye of a white walker. As Jon Snow delivers the final line “There is only one war that matters. . . The Great War”, we are finally given a release date. June 17 2017 which is normally a lot later than fans are used to.

Most seasons have aired in mid to late april, but since winter has finally come to The Realm they had to push back shooting which meant, we get a later release date.=

So what do you guys think? Is this teaser enough to hold us off until some actual footage appears? Are there any other subtle points in the teaser that you think we missed? What are you most excited for in season 7? Let us know in the comments below!