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Spirit Saturday: Perfectly Polished

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Collegiettes™, show your school spirit with the easy nail art techniques! Simply use polish in our schools colors: green and gold. Sephora by OPI “Keep Me on my Mistletoes” and Sally Hansen Salon Manicure “On Pines and Needles” are two nail polish colors that will display your bull pride.

Make sure you have a base coat, top coat, nail file, mechanical pencil/dotting tool, tape, and green and gold nail polish on hand to create these looks.

Green and Gold Polka Dots

  1. Paint nails with a base coat and 2 thin coats of gold polish. Let dry.

  2. Dip the tip of the mechanical pencil or dotting tool into the green polish and make little dots on your nails of whatever sizes and patterns you want. Creativity is key! Let the dots dry.

  3. Seal in your manicure with a top coat.

Spirited Stripes

  1. Paint nails with a base coat and 2 thin coats of gold polish. Let dry completely.

  2. Cut little strips of tape, as wide or as thin as you want.

  3. Place tape on nails in desired pattern.

  4. Paint green nail polish all over the nail and peel off tape immediately.

  5. Let dry, and seal in your design with a top coat and let dry.

I tried the polka dots and stripes myself! Go Bulls!

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