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Texts Guys Send Final Hero
Texts Guys Send Final Hero
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She’s Just Not That Into Him

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Have you ever stared at a text from a boy, sighed, and then put your phone back down? If so, you are definitely entitled to financial compensation. It is a universal experience for girls, especially us in college. Sometimes I wonder where guys truly get the audacity when it comes to carrying a conversation with a girl. In my almost 20 years of experience with boys, I thought coming to college and getting older would be better for boys but somehow they have gotten worse. I feel as though it is ten times worse if you’re a hopeless romantic like me as well. I was anticipating cute dates, him throwing rocks at the window to climb up in the middle of night, and laying under the stars at the beach. It has been nothing but quite the opposite. But why? Obviously ladies, we are not the problem. It’s the boy.

Every time it ends badly with a guy I am somehow always working on how I handled wrong and what I said could have made it weird but I just have my priorities straight and college boys do not. It also depends on the type of boy you get involved with as well. The dreaded frat boy, the one you met in class, the one who works with you, the one who lives on your floor. All of these guys have one thing in common: they all think we worship them. Guys in college believe that our entire world should revolve around them but I believe it should be the other way around. I think we should take the situation into our own hands. Did he leave you delivered for too long? Next time he snaps you, leave him open. Did he send you that text at 2am? Say you’re on your way and then go right back to bed. If he really wanted to, he would, these are the truest words ever spoken and it is time we start living by them. 

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