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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you tend to dwell on the impending graduation date that has marked your calendar since the day you moved in freshman year: graduation. I used to tell myself that it’s so far away and I don’t have to think about post-grad plans now. Well boy was I wrong. 

Even though I don’t graduate until the fall, the senior year blues have entered into my system. Now, when you think of senior year of college you probably think of senioritis. Well the senior year blues is like the anxiety-ridden, type-A, probably-on-multiple-medications little sister – more of a second cousin – of senioritis. 

Unlike senioritis, I don’t feel the urge to blow off class and not go out; the senior year blues has me over-scheduling my whole semester. It makes me want to take extra classes “just in case,” go out every weekend, plan elaborate trips with friends because it is the last time we’ll all be together and have the time to do so. I’ve become extra sentimental and in utter disbelief of how much time can pass so quickly. It seems like yesterday I was attending my freshman year lecture classes in the big auditorium or tailgating at a frat lot for the first time. 

But now I’ve made friends with the DJ and I know everyone in my class. Senior year blues are not just hitting me at school, but they’ve bled into my home life too. I realized it might be my last Christmas and Thanksgiving at home so I relished every moment of being the older sister and made my little siblings wait on me hand and foot – because when will they ever be able to do that again? 

But in all seriousness, seniors, remember to relish the little moments and take pictures of everything (that’s what I’ve been doing). And make sure to remind everyone around you of your presence and how this is the last time for everything. I am sure they will also become sentimental and make it extra special for you. Most importantly, have fun! We are only college kids once. 

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