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Ryan Burkett

Ryan Burkett
Business Management major

Potential daters will never have a problem with Ryan Burkett’s choice of clothing. If you open his closet, you will find every style of shirt and jeans in at least five different colors! This could be related to the fact that Ryan is a sales lead at Express at Wiregrass Mall. This fashion-forward business management major is one of several cuties you may spot around campus at the library, Starbucks or even Java City.

Relationship status? “Single.”

Astrological sign? “Scorpio.”

Favorite pastime? “Shopping, but I also am a huge Ohio State football fan.”

What qualities do you look for in a partner? “Fun, good style and different from me.”

Which celebrity represents your style? “A mix between Liam Hemsworth and Justin Timberlake, modern with an edgy feel.”

Where would someone find you on Saturday night? “It depends; I’m very versatile. You could spot me at a party or find me at home with friends enjoying some home cooked pasta – my specialty.”

Life Mantra? “Money is the motive.”

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