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Professor’s Pick: “Forget Me Not” by Julie Soto

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

In the excitingly romantic world of Julie Soto’s “Forget Me Not,” love blooms among the petals and chaos of a celebrity wedding, proving that even the most prickly of hearts can be softened by the right touch. The plot, a delightful concoction of spiciness and humor, follows the journey of Ama Torres, a wedding planner with a penchant for optimism and a disdain for marriage, and Elliot Bloom, a brooding florist who despises his flower shop until fate—disguised as a “donut-loving workaholic”—comes knocking at his door. 

This novel just so happened to fall into my possession after my lovely Educator’s Rising professor received the wrong Amazon order. I can honestly say that this “wrong package,” was just what I needed. As many of you can relate, it can be tough to get out of a reading funk. I struggled to finish another book for over a month, which is completely unlike me. I’m the girl who reads two hundred books a year! But when I received, “Forget Me Not,” I could not put it down. Julie Soto weaves a narrative that combines the present-day experiences of Ama Torres and Elliot Bloom with the heartbreaking past they shared. Readers will become entangled in the delicate vines of Ama and Elliot’s complicated past; their chemistry is as undeniable as the beauty of newly blooming roses.

The plot takes a humorous turn when the meddling brides try to play cupid, unaware of the complicated connection between Elliot and Ama. Readers will be kept on the edge of their seats by the emotional rollercoaster that results from the chaos, which adds levels of humor and suspense. Each time I had to put the book down, I was counting down the minutes until I could pick it up again. I became completely enraptured in the story of Ama and Elliot, hoping and praying that each chapter brought them closer to their happy ending. 

 A story of resiliency, second chances, and the eternal power of love is shown to readers as Elliot and Ama grudgingly work together to arrange the event that might make or break their careers. The idea that some bonds may withstand even the most tragic events is explored in the book,  much like that of the Forget-Me-Not flower, which can survive through any weather or circumstance.

In addition to being clever, Soto’s writing has a lovely sense of humor. Readers are transported to the hectic yet endearing world of wedding planning as the characters come to life with unique personalities. This tale demonstrates that love, despite the many obstacles in the way of a happily ever after, can be as unpredictable and delicate as a bouquet of flowers. 

In “Forget Me Not,” Soto has written a story that serves as both an ode to the strength of second chances and a lesson in love. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of blossoming romance!

Hi! My name is Ginamarie and I am currently getting my undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education at the University of South Florida! I am a huge One Direction and Harry Styles fan who also loves to relax with a good romance novel! My cat, Sushi, and I often like to have dance parties and listen to music as well! In my spare time, I am usually writing or watching New Girl (the absolute best show ever).