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Product Review: Spectrum’s 12 Piece Siren Brush Set & Roll

All images by Cierra Craft

Spectrum Collections is a United Kingdom-based company that creates cruelty-free makeup brushes and accessories. The brand is best known for its mermaid-themed brush sets featuring sea shell-shaped pouches.

I was gifted the 12 Piece Siren Brush Set & Roll in December 2017 and have been using the brushes daily so that I could write an honest review for Her Campus USF’s readers.

At £89.99 GBP (approximately $127 USD), the Siren brush set features a holographic effect on the ferrule with teal and black bristles. According to the Spectrum website, the brush includes their best selling and most popular brushes.

Additionally, the site describes how each of the 12 brushes can be used. The site says, for example, use the B06 Tall Tapered Blender to blend eyeshadows and use A15 Lip Liner to apply lipsticks.

I followed these suggestions as a guide and found the B06’s bristles to be a little too soft for blending eyeshadows. I prefer a denser brush for blending and found that this soft little brush did not have enough power to buff out my favorite Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows. I found myself reaching for the B06 for hard to reach places on the face and using the A06 Large Fluffy Shader for blending in the crease.

Additionally, I love brushes that can be used for more than what they’re intended for. I feel as if I get more bang for my buck if I can use a brush for more than one use. Not only did I find the A15 great for applying lipsticks, but I also found it great for applying highlight to the inner corner of the eye and to the brow bone.

The brushes fit well in the hand and felt gentle against the skin. My favorite large brush in the Siren Set is the B01 Buffing Foundation brush. The flat end made it great not only buffing but also stippling. It’s dense enough for stippling yet soft enough to buff as well.

However, my absolute favorite part of the entire set is the brush roll. The metallic effect on the packaging is modern and trendy. While the set is called “Siren,” it reminds me of a mermaid instead. I like having the ease of securing all my brushes when I am traveling. I don’t have to dig through my travel bag to find the brush I am looking for; I can easily open my brush roll and find every brush I need.

If you’re considering purchasing a set of Spectrum Collection brushes, I hope this product review helps you. I would 100% recommend these brushes to a friend. Don’t be afraid to explore their uses and expand their value. Spectrum Collections has a brush set for everyone.

I began at Her Campus USF as a writer in Spring 2017. Then, served as Senior Editor in Fall 2017 and currently serve as the Editor-in-Chief. I am passionate about writing, social media, and graphic design. I am a portrait photographer and a self-proclaimed makeup junkie. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @cc_red13 to connect!
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